A Uncomfortable Dinner

Dinner passed in a uncomfortable joining of forced nicety and idle chatter, Kaitlyn was a lady she’d been bought up well and manage to keep the conversation flowing even if no-one at the table really cared for what they were talking about.

“So you have a brother?” Kaitlyn asked Asha “Older or Younger?”

“A twin” Asha replied politely “I have younger brothers and sisters too, but I’m closest to Farid”.

“That’s nice” Kaitlyn smiled “My eldest where twin’s too”

“Yes I know” Asha replied with a chuckle everyone knew, even the lowest of peasants knew what was going on in the royal family “Duncan and Maegan”

“Quite” Kaitlyn smiled always amazed at how interesting the lower class’s found her life.

“Is it true that Thomas is passing the crown to Duncan?” Asha asked not sure about the appropriateness of the question.

“Hopefully” Kaitlyn smiled “By right the crown is Duncan’s already, but Henry felt he was too young”


Asha nodded, and glancing back at Wolf who sat uncomfortably between her and Raeanne. He didn’t look to happy she thought and she suddenly wondered if this whole thing was such a good idea.

Suddenly Raeanne piped up “So Asha” she asked her voice full of venom “what.. exactly are you?? A peasant?”


“Erm..” Asha replied taken back by the directness of the question “We own a tavern, were merchants”

“… little difference” Raeanne scowled “Still amounts to one thing bad blood, still i guess if wolf wants to mix with commoners that’s his look out”

“Pardon?!” Asha replied her patience waning, Asha had always had a bit of a temper her mother have always warned her it would get her into trouble one day.

“Oh nothing” Raeanne replied cockily “Just pointing out that you’re not exactly high quality breeding”


“Anna!” Lar’s interrupted, “Enough”.

“No it’s alright” Asha replied glaring down the table towards Raeanne “it’s not her fault, it seems despite the good breeding and fancy schools and clothes someone forgot to teach her manners”

“How dare you?” Raeanne spat.

“No how dare you!” Asha interrupted. “As it happens I dare say my breeding is better than yours.. I have no idea who your parents where but my mother was a noblewoman, Lord Valdermar’s sister and my birth father is King Tarik so don’t you dare speak blood with me”

“Oh” Raeanne replied, not thrown for an instant “You must be one of Bellari’s bastards then, theres a good reason why the Baeumont disowned you all you know?”

Asha bite her tongue everyone at the table went silent, all Asha could think about was wiping that smug little grin off her face.


“Bellari, really??” Suddenly Kaitlyn interrupted “I always liked her, she saved Maegan and Duncan you know?”

“Yes I know” Asha replied distracted for a moment, the thoughts of finding something big and heavy to hurl at Raeanne fading.

“She was a lovely woman” Kaitlyn added “really really lovely… she helped so many people you must be so proud”

“Yes I am” Asha replied nervously, shooting Raeanne a quick glance who had gone suddenly silent.


Kaitlyn mused for a moment “Hmm Bellari… was Valdermars sister, Avrils daughter… wait.. Raeanne doesn’t that make Asha your cousin?”

“Does it?” Raeanne grumbled the wind taken out of her sails.

“Yes I believe it does your mother was Avrils sister, so second cousin to be precise” Kaitlyn smiled.

“Well you still can’t account for upbringing” Raeanne grumbled.

“tis true” Wolf finally piped up “Dunno where yer pa went wrong wit yours” he replied.

Raeanne scowled finally having enough she suddenly bolted from the table running up the stairs in tears.

“Sorry Asha” Wolf apologised.

“It’s alright” Asha replied “This must be difficult for her”

“Dunno why” Wolf grumbled.

“Because she loves you silly” Asha remarked raising an eyebrow from both Kaitlyn and Lar’s.

“She’s got a funny way of showin it she’s always ruddy well like that” Wolf complained. “Anyways i’m done wit her”.

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