Raeanne Meet’s the Competition

Asha followed Wolf into the cabin keeping a tight hold on his hand. His hands where strong calloused like her fathers, working man’s hands and despite everything that she’d learnt about the Karogar men and their nature her heart did a excited flip as they entered living area.

Her excitement quickly faded however as she laid eye’s on the two women waiting for their arrival, the first she recognised instantly Lady Kaitlyn, he father had a carving of her and Alistair above the bar a souvenir of their wedding from a time when everyone thought she would be the one crowned Queen.

Asha felt suddenly self conscious, her dress was clean but nothing fancy a simple woollen weave, and though her own mother had once been a noblewoman Asha herself had never travelled in such circles living a life as a tavern main and bought up by a man who had once been a peasant.   However despite the prestigious company it was the second woman who really caught her eye, Raeanne she decided, she didn’t need to be a telepath like her brother to realise the second regal looking woman in the room was the one her brother had told her about the one who for now held Wolfs heart.

A wash of guilt suddenly came over the young girl as she gazed at Raeanne. Judging by her scowl Asha knew that Raeanne had been told of her association with wolf, but hidden beneath the obvious hostility and immaculate makeup Raeanne could not hide the redness in her eye’s that only came from many tears and Asha realised then and there that as much as Raeanne had Wolf’s heart he held her’s as well.

Suddenly conscious she was staring Asha looked away quickly turning her attention back to Kaitlyn, “Pleased to meet you, Milady?” Asha said nervously, not quite sure how to address the young woman, rumour’s had filtered down to the villages of course that Kaitlyn had re-married and that her new husband was a commoner, of course most people had dismissed these as rumours and heresay, yet here she was in the flesh and married to a werewolf of all things.

Kaitlyn smiled and nodded, “Call me Kait” she replied “I’m pleased to meet you”.  

Asha nodded feeling uncomfortable there was a heavy tension in the air and judging by Kaitlyns forced niceity’s her refusal to so much as look at Lar’s Asha guessed it was to do with more than just her presence She looked up at Wolf looking for reassurance, but received none, he instead looked just as uncomfortable with the whole situation as she did.

Still holding her hand “Come Lass” Wolf said guiding her over to the couch by the window, Asha glanced behind her just in time to see Raeanne rush off out of the room and the sound of footsteps running up the stairs.

Meanwhile Kaitlyn and Lar’s headed towards the Kitchen where Kaitlyn continued to prepare dinner.

“Ye alrite lass?” Lass asked concerned, it had been a rough day for them all.

“No I am not all right!” Kaitlyn snapped, “as if there isn’t enough going on in this house, why did you let him bring her?” Lar’s shrugged, unable to tell her the truth not that she waited for a reply anyway. “Honestly Lar’s, why are you doing this to me with everything that’s going on and now Raeannes in a mess?”

“Well she don’t deserve no better” Lar’s grumbled “Me boy’s bin good ter her, a sides nothing’s gonna come of that lass in there”

“How do you know?” Kaitlyn retorted everything piling on top of her.

“Just knows that’s all” Lar’s replied, oh how sometimes he wished he could tell her everything, right now the truth might make everything a whole host simpler, he could tell her why she couldn’t be with Alistair, why Asha was no threat to Raeanne, instead he just sighed and left the room leaving Kaitlyn to finish preparing dinner the weight of the events weighing equally as heavily on him.

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