Stayin Outta it

Lar’s leaned in closer and closer, Asha’s heart raced and just as she thought it was about to explode the feeling was suddenly gone.

Lar’s smiled, offering her a hand, cautiously she took it and allowed him to help her to stand eyeing him up warily she was still visibly shaken.  

Noting her distress Lar’s chuckled “yer see what a mean lass, I ain’t built fer mind games, am built fer tearing and rending and I didn’t even have ter touch yer… you ain’t ready fer takin on such as these Gaia help yer if you did come across one of them… siren most likely get you to cut yer own throat out with nought but a look”.

“They can do.. do that?” Asha stammered her normal confidence lost.

“Aye that an more… ” Lars replied, “The vamps come in all sort’s of flavours … some are all about manipulation an cunning, some are fighters …some are even about the magic much like yerself. Thats what makes them so dangerous see ner quite sure what yer got till it’s to late”

“Why are they here?” Asha asked.

Lars shrugged “Gotta live somewhere I they need humans ter feed off. Gotta say surprised two elders setin up shop in somewhere this small… not quite sure why they sent the demons to attack, not normally their style to be so blatant, attracts the wrong sort of attention”

“What sort of attention?”

“Mine” Lar’s chuckled “Still there here and they are moving… makin plans so yer need to be doing the same… not sure how i can help yer really lass yer at somewhat of a disadvantage, yer best bet no doubt is ter just stay outta the way don’t do anything that will attract their attention”

“They have no reason to be interested in me?” Asha asked hopefully.

Lar’s shrugged “No idea lass, hoping fer your sake they don’t… but no doubt if they learn about yer gifts they’ll be paying you a visit”


“cause yer special lass, the vamps see themselves as a rung above the mortals, they look to control them” Lar’s said grimly “Yer more than food ter them… don’t git me wrong they don’t see yer as much more than cattle, but still humans are a commodity ter be controlled so they tend to seek to control the population”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean right now.. the two groups will be fighting it out to control the crown and therefore the kingdom”

“But King Thomas controls the Kingdom! ” Asha interrupted.

“Aye that they will seek to control him, or kill him and replace him with someone they can control” Lar’s explained.

“King Thomas would never allow himself to be controlled” Asha replied confidently.

“Don’t be naive lass…We already know A vamp called Siren control’s him” Lar’s corrected “Though Alistair mostly, I reckon..i’m betting that’s why they turned him but even I don’t doubt her control over Grimstead doesn’t stop there”

“What are you trying to tell me?” Asha protested “that everything I know about the who run’s things is a lie?”

Lar’s nodded “That’s about the sum of it, infact i doubt there is a single nobleman left in Grimstead or Darkfire for that matter that ain’t controlled in no-one or another,  most of them won’t even know it themselves.

“This is ridiculous” Asha protested, “If it’s true how do we stop it?”

“I don’t want you doin anything lass, stay out of it that’s the best way … me and my kind” he said nodding towards Wolf “have been the enemy of the vamps fer generations let us deal wit it in our own way… Any way lass we invited ye ter dinner so why don’t we go inside an eat”.

Asha looked nervously towards Wolf, who nodded reassuringly. “come on Lass” Wolf smiled “let’s git yer inside, and remember the other women dun’t know what we are, so no talking about vamps, wolves’ or magic at the table” Asha nodded, taking Wolfs outstretched hand they headed towards the house.

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