One to many husbands

Kaitlyn sat stunned, she couldn’t believe her ears. “He’s alive?” was all she managed to mumble in response to the news.

“Yes” Thomas replied, he’d come to the Karogar Cabin personally to deliver the news. Sitting he eyed up Lar’s cautiously, knowing full well that the news of Alistair’s arrival would be shocking to all involved including Kaitlyn’s new husband. He stared at Lar’s slightly un-nerved at how calmly the large man took the news, he didn’t seem as shocked by it as Thomas had expected. “Kaitlyn, he wants to see you”

“Aye, i’m bettin he does” Lar’s growled, interrupting.

“Lar’s I understand this is difficult for you” Thomas replied, “But you have to understand, marriage is only ended by death in our culture… Alistair didn’t die therefore, Kait’s still legally bound to him”

“That’s a matter of opinion!” Lars growled “and what are ye suggestin about her bindin to me… where married too”

Thomas stood from the chair unable to hide his nervousness, reminding himself he was now king he took a deep breath “I understand your upset Lars, but technically your ceremony isn’t recognised by the church.. so technically speaking she can’t be considered your wife”

“Why You!!” Unable to contain his rage he took an angry step towards Thomas.

“Pa” Wolf intervened, holding his father back.

“Me vows and beliefs where good enough fer yer father” Lars growled. “yer father left her wit me.. yer going back on yer fathers decision?”

“The situation has changed, besides i’m not saying that Alistair is getting her back, just that he wants to see her”

“Does he want me?” Kaitlyn asked, her tone low almost a whisper as if terrified at what the answer might be.

“Of course he does Kait, he loves you” Thomas replied not taking his eye off Lar’s for a second and noting the grip in which Wolf still held on his father to prevent the large man hurling himself towards him.

“But does he want me as his wife?” Kaitlyn asked cautiously.

“Yes, i assume so.. he just said he wanted to see you. He hasn’t mentioned anything beyond that but i guess he didn’t want to scare you, besides he knows of Lars”

“I bet he does” Lar’s snarled “And i know of him too” he replied referring of course to the fact that Lar’s knew full well of Alistair’s current affliction.

“I’ll see him” Kaitlyn replied.

“NO ye won’t” Lars replied harshly.

“Please Lar’s i need to know… i need this?” Kaitlyn begged.  

“Im sorry Kait” Lar’s replied, less concerned about old feeling emerging than he was that somehow the vampires would tamper with her mind if he let her go “I can’t let ye”

“If she wants to go, i’ll take her” Thomas insisted determinedly “I am the King” He reminded Lars.

“Aye i know that” Lar’s replied “but ye ain’t taking her without my say so”

“Lar’s don’t push me” Thomas warned.

“No” Lar’s replied calmly “Don’t YOU push me”.

“I hope that isn’t a threat?” Thomas glowered.

“Take it any way you see fit” Lars replied not backing down for an instant.

Thomas glanced from Lar’s to Wolf knowing full well that if he ordered his men to remove Kaitlyn then a fight would break out and he’d be forced to kill both Karogar men. “I understand your upset, so I’ll let it pass, Lar’s think about your position carefully overnight… I’ll send my men back tomorrow and I expect Kaitlyn to be returned with them” with that he turned and left the cabin.

Lar’s shook his sons grip from his arm, unable to look at Kaitlyn the mix of anger and hurt overwhelming, he knew this day would come he knew the vampires would eventually make a move, why else turn a prince?? The resurrection of Alistair had been inevitable, but he’d hoped Kailyn would have been left out of the fight.

The rest of the day and much of the evening passed, Lar’s and Wolf spending many hours out in the wilderness discussing the options.

Kailyn knew Lar’s was hurt, she knew he’d taken her desire to meet Alistair as a sign that Alistair still had her heart.  A fact which she could not deny … she was growing to love Lars he was a good man and with him she was content, but Alistair… Alistair held her heart in a way she knew Lar’s never would.

She spent the day pacing, crying and talking with Raeann who made it clear what she thought the young woman should do and by the evening she knew it too. She had to be true to her heart. Eventually Lar’s and Wolf returned home. Wolf whisking Raeann away so the couple could be alone, leaving Lar’s pacing the living area.

“Lar’s” Kaitlyn spoke softly nerves overwhelming her “Lar’s i know you love me… can’t we talk”

“Is this the talk where yer tell me yer leaving?” Lar’s replied sadly.

“No Lar’s… i don’t know what i’m doing” Kaitlyn replied “But i do know i need to see him”

“Fine” Lars resigned “but it will be done er and ill be watchin”

“Lar’s that’s going to be really uncomfortable”

“Aint no-one said it isn’t” Lars replied.

“Fair enough” Kaitlyn replied “Lar’s would you be terribly upset if I did want to… if I decided I did want to be with him?”

“Kind of Questions that Kait?” Lar’s replied, stalking over to he grabbed her roughly by the waist placing her roughly on the table “Haven’t a made me feeling’s clear ter ya?” he asked looking her in the eye.

“I know you love me” Kaitlyn replied tears welling in her eyes “I do know that?”

“then why yer askin if i’d be upset” Lar’s reasoned unable to hide his own hurt “We got a good little family her Kait, you me and the girls…i can’t fathom why you’d be wanting to break that up? Or have ya even thought about it?”

“I don’t want to break anything up” Kaitlyn sobbed “I just know I need to be with him”

“What of Liv and Eire? You even thought about them? You expecting Alistair to take ye back two youngen’s in toe?”

“I hadn’t thought about it” Kaitlyn admitted.

“Well maybe yer should.” Lar’s growled “I’ll strike yer a deal, if yer wanna go back to him, fine! I won’t stop yer. But know this if you go ter him, you’ll never be welcome in this house as ma wife again and the girls ain’t going wit ya”

“You’d take them from me?” Kaitlyn gasped.

“I ain’t takin them anywhere, you’d be the one walking out… I just ain’t letting my girls go”

Kaitlyn burst into tear’s pushing Lar’s away she hopped down from the table running off up the stairs to their room. Lar’s sighed the hurt and rage so tangled up inside hoping only his and Wolfs plan worked. That Kaitlyn’s love for her daughters would prevent her from making a decision that would probabally cost her, her life. As if he didn’t have enough to deal with he growled, Wolf had told him about Asha and Farid, “Bloody Mages… Marvellous”  

One response to “One to many husbands

  1. Really starting to get intense. Really makes you want to keep reading.

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