Sit Boy

“What the hells!”  Wolf roared hauling himself to his feet.

“Stay!” She demanded, focusing her attention to keep him pinned to the seat.

He struggled for a moment trying to rise unable to do so he finally relented“Aright … i see yer got some knack’s of ye own”


“You don’t know the half of it” Farid whispered in his head because sending jolting pain coursing though wolfs bodys.

Wolf roared in pain “Enough!” Asha snapped at her brother “I want him to tell me whats going on not, make an enemy” Farid sneered unconvinced but stopped his attack.

Asha walked forward, peering over the still incapacitated Wolf, “Ok so who are you? what are you? and what exactly are your intentions?”

 Wolf sighed “Im Wolf”

“I know that but what are you?” Asha replied “Are you gifted? Or are you… are you something else”

“no i am wolf” Wolf replied, “Im a child of the Wolf”

“what is that?” Asha demanded.

“Let me go and i’ll tell you” Wolf growled.

Asha eased her hold on the man, “Well what is a child of the Wolf??”

“It’s hard ter explain, im blessed with the wolf, its a gift from Gaia?”

“what on earths Gaia?” Asha asked.

“Is hard, i can’t be explainin it all.. it’s enough to know that my people we are connected to the wolf, we are wolf..were guardians, guardians of the earth”

“Guardian’s, gauring it from what?”

“Others… those that hurt it.. creatures of darkness”

“so your not a man?” Asha asked.

“Yes and No” Wolf replied “i am but im also Wolf”

“And your fathers the same?” She demanded.

“Aye” Wolf replied nervously, this wasn’t exactly how he’d invisioned this meeting going and he was not at all prepared for this sort of encounter.

“And the other’s who where with you?!”

“Aye same” he nodded.

“Are there more of you?”

“Aye”Wolf replied not wanting to give to much information away “Some and what of you? A mage am guessin?”

“i don’t know what a mage is. Im gifted thats all… i can move things, my brother he can speak in peoples head”

“yer pa?”

“He has no gift”

Wolf nodded “A sleeper”

“Sleeper?!” Asha asked.

“None magic mortal, yer dunt seem to know much about this stuff fer a mage?”

“I told you i don’t know what a mage is, we are just gifted”

“Yer a mage” Wolf chuckled “Might not understand the pattern of it yet but thats what ye are”

“I don’t know about that” Asha replied “So what about me, what did you want with me… why? Ask me out?”

“Was after a date, thats all” Wolf replied honestly..

“You date? But your not a man?”

“Im a man, im just something else as well”

“but you date girls? Normal ones like me?”

“If ye ain’t noticed yer ain normal”

“you know what i mean” Asha snapped “you thought i was…. your people they marry girls?”

“A could marry a boy” Wolf chuckled “but im not sure babe’s would come from that union”

“Don’t be funny” Asha snapped “don’t you have girl wolves?”

“Aye, but women are more to my taste… we can mate with either men or wolves.. i was born of a normal woman, spend most of my days in man form and i prefere my mates to be of the two legged variety”

“So what would you have done once we’d mated, left me to have a baby like that other girl you had? Move on to the next?”

“No” Wolf replied “What a told ye was the truth, looking for a wife… i live most days just like ye do, work, play fall in love.. i aint so different”

“Different enough” Asha replied.

“Ye ain’t exactly normal ye self… acting insulted like i hide something bad, yer had a few secrets of yer own”

“But at least i am a woman… at least i am ….a human woman”

“Aye but yer somethin else too… but i guess yer where planning on telling me that during our date bein all noble like yer are?”

“That’s different!” Asha protested.

“Is it?” Wolf reasoned “What do yer suppose I do ‘hello my names wolf.. oh by the way I ain’t a normal man, but would you like to go out on a date? If not here’s my address let the inquisition know where I am’”


“Geeze, der ya know nothing? How der yer get this far? Inquisition, there men.. normal men.. witch hunters i guess hunt the likes of use fer bein un-natural”

“The church?”

“Aye them and more, ser can we have a truce or what… i ain’t meanin ter hurt yer Asha”

“I’m capable of protecting myself” Asha replied making her point by pushing Wolf back down into the chair.

Wolf chuckled “I don’t doubt it, lass… but ye ain’t dealing wit a regular man, if a wanted ter hurt ya you’d be dead already… but a honestly ain’t meaning yer harm” Making his point by resisting her push and forcing himself to stand.

She was strong, and she’d caught him off guard the first time but he was stronger. “Let’s make a deal shall we… let’s agree to keep each other’s secrets”

One response to “Sit Boy

  1. Now I want to know what a mage actually is. Definitely interesting to see them portrayed in this light.

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