Flying Visit

Asha lay quietly on her bed; the events of the week had given her a lot to think about. Till now she’d always assumed she knew all the gifted. The incident with Wolf wasn’t SO strange she decided surely she more than most should understand that there was indeed more to the human condition than most people understood.

Wolf was like her it seemed, not quite normal and his father was the same or so it seemed and although what she’d seen was terrifying and shocking the power that had emanated from the pair resembling nothing she’d witnessed before. Maria was the closest thing to that she’d seen before, with the ability to turn into a large cat. Still in comparison Maria seemed more like a kitten finding it’s feet.

Really though she decided she shouldn’t be SO shocked, the gift was a strange thing and obviously it had blessed Wolf and his father in the same way it had blessed her and her brother as well as a few others in Grimstead, they’d obviously mastered it in a way most of them hadn’t.

Asha smiled feeling more relaxed about the whole affair granted she still wasn’t sure she was ready to continue her relationship with the large northman but she had decided that she needen’t blow the event out of proportion, for the first time she realised how normal people could fear her own gift.

“You have a visitor” Her brother’s voice rang in her head.

“Who?” she thought back.

“The Northman”

“Ok” she replied nervously “I’ll be right there”

Meanwhile downstairs Wolf stood nervously in the empty tavern. Asha’s brother Farid hadn’t moved for a moment and stood glaring at him “I only want to talk to her” Wolf asked honestly, only wanting to make sure the young woman was alright. The veil was an unpredictable thing he wasn’t sure what her mind would have let her see the most likely result was that she saw him and his father fighting, the change in forms hidden by the veil.

His father had given him a good beating, it wasn’t the first and it wouldn’t be the last. Fighting amongst their kind common place, a way of determining dominance. For now at least Lar’s control over the pack was secure.

However the beating also let Wolf know that on this occasion his father’s word was law and he would not be permitted to pursue Asha, which Wolf found difficult to handle as he’d felt a real connection with the young woman.

The back door opened breaking Wolf from his thoughts as Asha entered the tavern. Wolf tried to read her face get some clue about what exactly she’d seen but got nothing other than a hard stare and nerves.

“Hey” Wolf smiled nervously.

Asha nodded “So what do you want?”

“Just checkin you where alrite” Wolf replied honestly.

“i’m fine” Asha replied harshly.

“I know that… that what you saw musta shook you up” Wolf replied choosing his words carefully.

“You could say that” Asha replied nervously “It’s not often I see two men turn into beasts and tear each other apart”

Wolf looked stunned, she REALLY shouldn’t have been able to see anything though the veil, in fact he’d never heard of any mortal managing it before. It was the main advantage wolves had an advantage over the vampires, mortals didn’t .. couldn’t see them for what they truly where.

“You saw that” he stammered the colour draining from his face, glancing towards Asha’s brother who remained motionless, glaring protectively over is sister.

“Ya didn’t do much to hide it” Asha replied harshly. “So what do you want?”

“A was just wantin to check on ya, make sure ye wasn’t hurt”

“Why would i be hurt?” Asha snapped “It wasn’t me your father was attackin… speaking of which you look mightily healthy, last time I saw you, you where bleeding heavily”

“I heal quickly” Wolf replied, in truth it was a bit more complicated than that, his father hadn’t used an gifts that would have caused Wolf permanent harm even though he was quite capable of wounding his son beyond his body’s ability to heal.

Asha nodded “So I see”

“Asha lass, can we talk more privately” he asked concerned that Asha’s brother was still in the room.

Asha glanced towards her brother, “I ain’t got anything to hide from him, told him all about ya anyway”

“Oh” Wolf replied really not sure how to deal with the situation at all, as something like this had never happened before “So what exactly did you see?”

“I told ya” Asha snapped “So you not going to try and convince me it was all in my head, my mind playing games on me?”

“No” Wolf replied, trying desperately to thing what his father would do in this situation, it was the harsh reality of things but they couldn’t afford for people to know “I just don’t think you where seein it as straight as it was… I mean … I know what ye think ya saw.. but”

“My God, you are going to try and convince me it was all in my mind!” Asha exclaimed, horrified and insulted “Go away Wolf” she ordered pointing towards the door “don’t come back until you can tell me what the hell is going on”

“Asha it’s not like that” Wolf tried to reason, “A just dunno what to tell ya” Looking over towards the back door as it opened again, this time allowing Asha’s father the enter the room.

“Pa would you believe this!” Asha exclaimed “He’s trying to convince me it was all in my head?!”

“You told your father!” Wolf replied horrified, things getting so out of control he really wasn’t quite sure what to do.

“You shouldn’t lie to her” Falcon smiled “She’s not a stupid girl”

“You believe her?!” Wolf replied shaking his head, totally unable to comprehend what was going on “most’d think the lass had lost her mind, story’s such as these”

Falcon chuckled “I’m sure they would, but when you’ve lived in this family for as long as I have, nothing takes you by surprise”

“Is there anyone ya didn’t tell?” Wolf replied unable to hide his panic any longer.

“Lot’s of people” Asha snapped “What do you think i am stupid?”

“So who did you tell?” Wolf asked.

“Just my father and brother, don’t worry.. we arn’t going to tell anyone, now are you going to tell me what happened or not?” she demanded, flicking her wrist she sent Wolf flying across the room landing squarely on the sofa.

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  1. Interesting. Pretty nice to come back to a lot of updates as well.

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