Asha Makes a Move

Having finished his meal Wolf sat mulling over his ale. Had Asha made an advance, was that what is called?? She was very forward for one so young if thats what it had been.

As much as he kept threatening to give up on Raeanne he couldn’t honestly say he’d thought another woman would be interested, yet here he sat with what he was almost certain was a young girl showing an interest in him.

He watched as she pottered around cleaning tables every now and again she’d look over towards him giving him a smile. As time advanced and it became clear she was winding down for the evening and Wolf felt a sudden pang of guilt.

Should he stay? Or would it be best if he left before he gave the young woman the impression he was interested in getting to know her better? Was there really any reason not to stay? He found the young woman highly attractive and it seemed as though was a feeling shared? There was no harm in it he decided, Raeanne had made her feelings clear why shouldn’t he enjoy the company of another?

He waited patiently watching as Asha cleared off the last of the tables and shooed out the last of the drunks, nervously eyeing up her father and brother who seemed to pay him close attention as he waited.

“All done” she finally smiled, plonking a couple of flagons of ale down on the table and taking a seat.

Wolf nodded, taking the ale “Thank’s lass” he replied nervously, glancing over to where her father and brother stood, cleaning up the last of the bar, cautiously watching the pair.

‘Are they gonna stand there all night’ he wondered ‘i ain’t planning on doing nought but talk’Almost as soon as he thought it, the boy seemed to whisper something in his father’s ear and they both disappeared up out the door into the backroom.

“So you’re a huntsman?” Asha asked trying to strike up a little conversation.

“Aye, me and me pa, got a cabin on the Baeumont estate”

“you live with your father?”

“Aye, just fer time bein… me pa was gonna make me a cabin fer me an … “ he voice trailing off not quite sure how to explain Raeanne “Well he’s married now, so i guess its time fer me to be movin into my own place”

“Oh” Asha nodded “i take it your not married then?”

“No” Wolf sighed “got a daughter… kinda long story, me and her ma never seemed to get things together”

“Thats a shame” Asha smiled sympathetically.

“so what about you” Wolf asked trying to quickly change the conversation, last thing he wanted was for this to turn into some long complicated explanation of the mystery that was Raeanne, THAT would surely scare the poor girl off. “Yer pa not seein to a matchin?”

“No” Asha grinned “My father says I’m impossible to match”

“Oh” Wolf replied with a chuckle “And why is that?”

“I don’t stand blathering fools, wastrels or being told what to do” she replied matter of factly “Im not looking to be reigned like a horse and controlled”

“Yer sound a handful” Wolf grinned.

“Oh I am” Asha replied with a confident chuckle “worth it though, don’t you doubt”

“Bold fer one so young aint ya” Wolf replied taking a long sip of his ale, looking at her he guessed she was at best 15.

“I guess” she replied “but I know what I want and I don’t see any reason to compromise”.

“So what are yer looking fer?”

“Where would the fun be in me telling you?” Asha grinned.

Wolf nodded, with a slight chuckle “but yer are looking?”

“Yes” she replied “who isn’t?”

“True enough, Well  guess I better git going” he replied suddenly aware that Raeanne and his father would be waiting for their lift home.

“Will I see you again” she asked.

Wolf nodded, and stood “I’d like that, next time I’d like ter take yer out?”

“Sounds good” Asha grinned, standing up she led him to the door, unlocking it she pulled it open. “Well it was nice meeting you Wolf”

“Aye an you” Wolf replied, walking though the doorway, “Can a visit on yer tomorrow?”

“Yes” Asha grinned, “I’m free in the morning, or after lunch”

“Rite i’ll come around, yer pa ain’t gonna mind is he?”

“No he won’t mind” She smiled nervously.

Wolf paused, sensing she wanted him to kiss her, he hesitated her scent strong he didn’t want it lead him down a path that could potentially lead to trouble, she was sweet … but benieth her bolster he sensed a far less confident young woman, one that certainly wasn’t ready for their relationship to take a turn down that path so soon.  Leaning forward he kissed her gently on the cheek “Night Asha” he smiled before heading out of the door.

“niiiiiight Asssshhaa!!” a voice teased.

Asha didn’t need to turn round to know who it was, closing the door only when wolf reached the end of the path. Without saying a word she span to see her Twin brother Farid standing at the other entrance to the tavern with a flick of her hand she sent the door of the doorway flying smashing him hard in the face.  

She heard him crumple on the other side of the door, reopening it again with her mind, she glared at him as he picked himself up off the floor “Jerk” she spat.

“He’s much too old for you” Farid pointed out picking himself up and wiping off his nose which dripped with blood.

“What do you know?” Asha glowered.

“I know he wanted to do more than kiss you” Farid countered “I know he wanted much more than kissing you… oh and that he’s completely in love with some girl called Raeanne”

“I wish you wouldn’t read the mind of very boy I date!!” Asha complained “Your such an ass, im tellin pa”

“Tell him” Farid laughed “he’s the one who told me to do it”

“Argh, this is sooo unfair” Asha growled, storming passed him into the kitchen and towards the stairs.

4 responses to “Asha Makes a Move

  1. I didn’t even recognize the name. Those are the one twins than. I can’t even remember there mother’s name now though.

  2. me either, sigh.
    Is it okay for me to kinda want them to be together?

  3. Well I can’t say there’s anything against it, but I’m not too for them right now, seems kind of weird too me.

  4. I’m getting desperate to know what’s next!!
    Asha is Bellari’s daughter (from the “episode” with Tarik), right??

    She and Wolf make a cute couple I think… get rid of Reanne

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