Raeanne’s Competition.

The night was brisk as they stood in the castle garden’s following the coronation “What do you mean you’re not staying??” Raeanne screeched.

“These fancy parties arn’t fer me” Wolf tried to explain, having already sat though 2 hours of speeches, a dinner with more silverware than he knew what to do with, a 3 million introductions which usually started with ‘you boy get me a drink’ when the noblemen mistook him for the hired help.  “yer go and have a good time”

“You can’t just leave me, how am i supposed to get home??”

“I’ll drop by later” Wolf replied, “pick yer, Kait and me dar, up”

“And what are you planning to do??” Raeanne demanded.

“Gonna drop Skye off at the sitters and take myself down to the tavern” he replied really hoping she was going to let him out of what was slowly becoming a torturous  occasion.

“Oh so you can go drinking at the tavern, but not here with me??” Raeanne accused.

“Anna you know these fancy do’s, drive me mental, asides yer all ways complain that i show yer up”

“Well you do always show me up” Reanne countered.

“Then I’d thought ye’d be happy to see me gone”

“I AM!!!”

“Then what the hells are yer shoutin fer?” Wolf asked thoughly confused.

“Oh just go” Reaenne snapped, turning around she stormed back in side the castle where the coronation celebrations were in full swing.

Wolf shook his head, looking down at Skye who was used to her parents fighting as slept in wolf’s arms “Yer ma’s nut’s” Wolf sighed “If yer ever get good at working her out, i hope you’ll teach me”.

Heading back to his wagon he dropped Skye off at the babysitters and drove to the tavern, pushing the doors open a coronation celebration of another sort was raging, the type of celebration Wolf understood.

Finding a table in the corner he plonked himself down in the chair heavily, he didn’t understand Raeanne he decided, hot and cold all the time and he was seriously thinking of giving up she was far too much like hard work.

“Can i get you anything?!” A voice suddenly asked, looking up Wolf saw a young girl “A drink perhaps??”

“A Drink?!” Wolf asked dumbly having been to lost in his own thoughts to even notice her arrival.

“Yes a drink” the girl chuckled “this is a tavern, generally people come in here wanting drinks”


 “Oh yea” Wolf smiled “an ale an some food if yer got it”

The young girl nodded “You been up at the castle” she asked noticing his fancy clothes.

“Yea” Wolf smiled shyly “not really my sort of party” he explained, as his senses alerted him to the fact that the young girl was in what wolves would call season.

“Right” she grinned “food and ale coming up, stew alright?”

“Aye thanks” wolf smiled, blasted humans, only problem with coming into town was no matter where you went somewhere there was a woman on heat to drive his senses mental.  It was alright though he was used to it now, he’d learn’t for the most part to control it.

The young girl smiled again and began to wander off, she was pretty Wolf noted, but not in your usual way her hair was dark and cropped unusually short for a woman, milky white skin had rarely seen daylight, night after night of working in a tavern wolf betted, and dark peering eye’s that seemed to stare into his soul.

The tavern it’s self was very busy, as wolf had expected. The whole kingdom had come out in celebration for the coronation it seemed.  There was a jovial atmosphere and some drunken singing had already began in the corner and immediately Wolf began to relax.

Wolf watched as the young woman re-emerged from the kitchens with two large mugs, making her way through the crowd she stopped at a nearby table, as she served the men their a third man quickly came up behind he grabbing her roughly by the waist and pulling her to him. Wolf stirred is natural instincts sensing trouble he watched as she span, slapping the man hard and screaming at him to unhand her.

Wolf was just about to get up to her rescue, when suddenly the man lurched forward before collapsing in a heap unconscious, the girl didn’t seem overly surprised “too much ale” she chuckled before heading off back towards the bar where she met up with a young man around her age.

As Wolf watched, husband was his first guess by the younger man’s protectiveness, but he quickly dismissed the notion, no brother he decided there was a strong family resemblance. He relaxed back into the chair turning his attention this time to the tavern owner stood serving behind the bar.   Husband? He wondered looking at the older man, he couldn’t decide there wasn’t much likeness to either the girl or the boy, it was possible.

A few moments passed and the girl drew closer to his table his senses stirred again “Here we go” she smiled planting a mug of ale and bowl of stew in front of him. Wolf Rummaged in his pocket handing her a silver coin, “I’ll get your change” she offered.

“Keep it” Wolf smiled “Well keep it, if yer’ll tell me yer name”

“Asha” she smiled “Asha Talon”

Wolf nodded recognising the name from the sign outside “Arh…” he nodded “Talons Tavern .. Is that yer husband?” he asked pointing towards the Barkeep.

“No” she smiled knowingly “He’s my father, and what of you noble sir do you have a name?”

“Wolf” he replied.

“Wolf?” Asha grinned “That’s a strange name for a nobleman”

“Nobleman?!” wolf scoffed, “I ain’t a nobleman, what gives ya that idea?”

“Your dress” Asha grinned, “you came from the castle, i assumed?”

“Bah no i ain’t a noblemen, im a huntsman…ain half as fancy as that”

Asha chuckled “Sorry… Very well…enjoy your meal”

“Thankie Lass” Wolf grinned.

“I get off work in an hour” Asha grinned before walking away “Just so you know”  

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  1. Well look where he stubbornness got her now.

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