Alistair Return’s

Holly sat quietly during the service; she was so excited she was fit to burst. More excited than even her wedding day she decided, watching her husband get crowned King she couldn’t believe how proud she was at that moment. He looked so handsome all dressed up in his ceremonial garb.

Most of the service was performed in some ancient language she didn’t understand, but it hadn’t taken away from the proceedings they had still been awe inspiring to behold. Now as the event came to a close, Holly’s stomach leapt into her mouth when Thomas’s first act as King of Grimstead was to flash her a smile.

At the end of the Service Holly waited, it was planned that Thomas and Holly would now go outside and greet the waiting public, but as she waited for Thomas to meet her something caught her attention.

Sitting at the back of the chapel sat a man, Holly strained in the gloom to see him. She didn’t even know why he’d caught her attention so the room was filled with dozens of people, but as she looked she realised why.

Staring her interest quickly turned to confusion “goodness” she thought “he’s the spitting image of Alistair ”. The man quickly noted her gaze smiling charmingly back in return, he stood and headed in her direction.

Her heart beat incredibly fast as he approached, “Holly” he smiled “Or should i say Your Royal Highness…. it’s been a long time”

Holly sat stunned for a moment, before eventually finding her voice “I don’t believe we’ve met” she stammered “Though I’m sure this is going to sound quite strange…. but you look just like…. ”

“Alistair” the man cut her off smiling.

“Yes, but you can’t be … he’s… ”


“Yes… quite” holly fumbled feeling quite foolish.

“I AM Alistair…” the man smiled.

“You are??” Holly stammered “That’s impossible? Thomas saw him, saw you die?”

 Alistair smiled, “It’s complicated a story for another time…”

“People don’t come back from the dead” Holly decided outloud, “I’m not sure who you are, ill grant you the likeness is quite uncanny but you simply can not be”

“I knew it would be hard” Alistair smiled “I understand your concern”

“Im not at all sure that you do” Holly replied “This is an important day… ”

“Im not here for the crown” Alistair smiled understanding her concern.

“that maybe but im not convinced your who you say you are” Holly replied.

 “I can understand that, let me see if I can convince you” Alistair smiled “The last time we spoke, we were at the barracks, it was the morning after your wedding night and Thomas complained that you’d fallen asleep on him”.

“How, how did you know that” Holly stammered.

 “Take this” He said handing her a piece of parchment, “I’m staying in a inn, on the Beaumont estate I’m sure you have lots of questions, as will my brother, contact me when things are less chaotic”

“But Thomas he’ll want to see you” Holly called as Alistair turned to leave.

“Yes I’m sure he will” Alistair replied, “Let him finish his celebrations, tell him tomorrow I won’t be going anywhere”

Holly looked down at the piece of parchment; sure enough it had the address of an Inn on the Beaumont estate written on it, but by the time she looked up again the man was gone.

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  1. And just when poor Kait was getting over him.

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