Seeing Things

The crowds had gathered, the day was finally here the day that Thomas would finally be crowned 2nd King of Grimstead, outside the castle 100’s of people milled around hoping to get a glimpse of the future king.

Meanwhile inside the Castles chapel Thomas’s close friends and family gathered another with all the noblemen of Grimstead, Even Tarik had bought his family down from the mountains to attend the celebrations.

Kaitlyn sat quietly at the back of the church with Lar’s while Raeanne and Wolf had forced themselves forward to get a better view.  The twin’s played quietly on the floor beneath her feet while Duncan, Maegan and her youngest son Alistair sat impatiently next to their mother waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Kaitlyn smiled towards Lar’s, her hand cupped in his as they sat. It had been a strange few days but the night before she’d finally bought closure to one part of her life allowing Lar’s fully into her future, into her heart and into her bed.

“Do you think Wolf and Raeanne will be alright?” she whispered.

Lar’s chuckled “Dunno, they were arguing late it the night”

“I don’t think she had ‘that’ talk she promised me she’d have, they’ve been bickering all morning” Kaitlyn noted.

“i’m guessin not” Lar’s grinned “Arh they’ll be alrite…don’t you worry about them”

“I’m not” Kaitlyn whispered “I’m more worried that they’ll keep us awake again tonight”

Lar’s leant forward whispering quietly in her ear “don’t be worrying about them keepin ya awake, wasn’t much planning on letting you sleep myself”

 Kaitlyn flushed looking towards Lar’s who had a cheeky grin on his face. “We are in a church” she scolded playfully.

Lar’s grin got all the wider “Ain’t my God” he joked, simply happy that the things the troubles that had separated the couple finally seemed to be over. Turning his attention back to the church he glanced out across the crowed trying to spot his son.

Suddenly he felt Kaitlyns hand go ridged in his before she let go suddenly. Looking back at her he noticed she’d gone physically white and looked as though she were about to collapse.

“Kait, yer alrite lass?” He asked.

“I’m fine” she lied, looking very shaken.

“Kait whats up?”

“Nothing, nothing… i didn’t see anything” she mumbled.

“Kait!” Lars insisted, suddenly quite concerned about his wife “Whats up”

“Nothing, I’m fine honestly” she mumbled, shaking her head as though she was trying to clear some terrible vision out of her head.

“What did you see?” Lars urged.

“Nothing, my imagination” Kaitlyn replied, calming down “Really is was nothing”

“Tell me anyway” Lars suggested.

“Im fine really” Kaitlyn managed to smile. Lar’s nodded not believing her for a second, understanding only that whatever it was she wasn’t going to tell him. Waiting for a moment or two, Lars eventually resumed looking for his son in the crowd.

Kaitlyn sat quietly trying to compose herself, she couldn’t possibly have seen what she thought she’d just seen, it simply wasn’t possible. It had to be her guilt playing games with her, but this time it wasn’t going to work, Alistair was DEAD, there was no way should could have seen him in the crowd.

2 responses to “Seeing Things

  1. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  2. And I wish he would just stay dead, the last thing she needs is vampire Alistair coming over and trying to take her back. Anyway her and her new husband are pretty cute together.

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