Last Stand

“Rite!” Wolf announced bursting into Raeanne’s bedroom the following morning “rite, one way or the other things are gonna be settled”

“What the hell are you doing?!” Raeanne exclaimed.

“3 years i’ve bin chasin yer about, 3 years i’ve been waitn fer yer to come to yer durn sences” Wolf growled pushing Raeanne onto the sofa. “Now i’m wantin yer to put all ya darn stubbornness on hold fer one minute”

“How dare you!” Raeanne retaliated.

“Shut-up” Wolf growled. “am sick of ye messin me about, me pa is thinkin yer like me, Kait is tellin me yer like me… everyone is tellin me we could be good together an all… but ye are always telling me that ‘i ain good enough’ ‘ye can do better’ …

“I can do better” Raeanne snapped, trying to get back up of the couch only to be pushed back down again.

“I don’t think ye can” Wolf retaliated “I think im more than yer deserving.  When Skye was sickenin i give yer time, decided it was only right an all… ye needed chance ter bond with her an last thing ya needed was me getting all in yer face . Even thought perhaps us raisin her might make her see i wasn’t so bad.. even felt it sometimes, like perhaps yer didn’t hate me as much as yer make out half the time, once er twice i even thought that perhaps yer wanted me the way i wanted you, but i held back fearing getting a lashing from that evil tongue of yours. Well im sicka hangin round like a motherless pup,  i wanna know what be the future of us”

“Future! there is no future” Raeanne retaliated annoyed and frustrated.

“Is that yer final choosin?” Wolf growled.

“Of course it is, don;’t you think i would have given you some sort of hint by now if i liked you?!” Raeanne retorted.

“Very well” Wolf nodded letting go of the young woman, he headed back towards the door “So be it”

“So what now?” Raeanne dared ask.

Wolf turned “Now perhaps it’s time to be finding meself a real wife”

2 responses to “Last Stand

  1. This might be interesting.

  2. Oooooh. :)
    She better get her act together before she loses him.

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