Skye giggled excitedly for the third time tumbled from Fanglor’s back, the old wolf didn’t seem to mind as the mischievous toddler clambered up all over him squealing with delight every time she managed to get up onto his back.

“He’s not a horse, silly girl” Raeanne chuckled.

“GEE GEE” Skye replied with a grin, resuming her climbing.

“No not a gee gee” Raeanne scolded playfully reaching down she scooped up skye into her arms saving the poor wolf from the toddler.

“Gee Gee” Skye giggled, wriggling to get out of her mothers arms.

“time for bed, missy” Raeanne replied carrying the wriggling toddler towards the her bedroom, the squeal’s of delight quickly turning into a tantrum when the little girl realised her mothers plans to put her to bed.

Wolf sat quietly in the corner watching as Raeanne left the room, ‘stupid father’ he grumbled ‘where just fine as we are, why does he have to ruin everything’

A few minutes passed and Wolf was still sulking when Raeanne re-entered the room, the sounds of the still tantruming toddler echoing in the background “she’s getting quite a handful” she smiled.

“Aye” Wolf nodded, Skye was growing well the sickness that seemed to have plagued her as a baby was passed and although Raeanne still sometimes found it difficult to deal with the little girl, a bond was slowly forming between mother and child.

Raeanne settled down on the couch next to Wolf smiling she turned her attention to the fire blazing in the fire place. Wolf sighed, it would feel so natural now to put his arms around her pull her to him and watch the dancing flames together.  “We did good wit her though didn’t we, she’s a fine one”

“Yes she is” Raeanne chuckled, still listening to the child’s screams.

“Would ya want another one?” Wolf asked, curiously.

“Another Skye?” Raeanne chuckled “I can barely handle the one we have”

“Aye, dur ye ever think about havin another, yer know wit me?”

Raeanne shrugged “No really” she replied “I mean, i think it would be strange you know?”

“What’s strange about it?” Wolf replied “We did good wit Skye”

“Yes but it was different, I mean …. Were not together now”

“We weren’t really together then?” Wolf pointed out.

“Yes I know but well, it was just different…i don’t know if i would want to plan to have another out of wedlock, it’s bad enough for Skye that were not married”

“Well it seems to me there’s no sense in us not, bein married, where both here ain’t we” Wolf replied matter of factly.

“Wolf are you asking me to marry you?” Raeanne chuckled nervously.

“I guess so, seems daft for us not to be, we got a baby together, we live er together, just seems to me to be the right thing”

“I don’t know” Raeanne replied nervously “This isn’t exactly what I envisioned”

“Well this ain’t really what I envisioned either” Wolf snapped, “what exactly are ye expectin ter happen from here, still waiting for some noblemen on a white horse comin in to scoop yer up and carry ye away? ”

“I don’t know” Raeanne replied defensively “I just….i don’t think it’s a good idea”

“Yer could do worse” Wolf replied feeling a little dejected “We do, alright we make a good little family you me and Skye”  

“Yes we do, but thats not the point”

“Then what is the point?” Wolf replied.

“I don’t want to do something because it’s convenient” Raeanne snapped.

“Ser what ya saying, wouldn’t i make a good husband? Is it that you couldn’t bare the thought of layin wit me again? Was it so bad the first time?”

“Maybe it was” Raeanne retaliated “Maybe i think i can do better for myself”

“Better??!” Wolf scoffed, “I’d like to see how, you holed up her, baby in toe.. i can’t say i’ve seen many men linin up at the door fer ye”

“Maybe i’ve just been trying to take your feelings into account” Raeanne replied “Maybe i’ve had plenty of offer’s but didn’t want to hurt you”.

“Hurt me?” Wolf replied “what makes ye think it would hurt me?”

“We both know your hopelessly in love with me” Raeanne replied.

“Bah ye more delusional than i thought” Wolf scoffed.

“You where the one just asking me to marry you” Raeanne retorted.

“Aye, and if ye think i’d be asking a harpy like you fer any other reason than the babe we’ve got then your plum crazier than i thought”

“So you don’t love me?” Raeanne demanded.

“Der you love me?” Wolf replied.

“No of course not” Raeanne snapped. “how could I?”

Wolf gritted his teeth, “Rit then” he replied hauling himself of the couch “guess it’s settled then” he growled storming from the room.  

One response to “Settled??

  1. She definitely likes him. In denial of course.

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