Out in the cold

Lar’s pulled the blankets up over his shoulders, leaning on one elbow he watched as Kaitlyn read her book, the scent wasn’t fully on him yet it would be tomorrow before it was, still he didn’t need it, to desire the woman who lay next to him.

“Kait, why don’t yer put the book down and come over here” he smiled putting his arm around her waist.

Kaitlyn glanced in his direction looking slightly uncomfortable “Im really tired” she replied.

Lar’s nodded, moving his arm “Alrite then” he replied sadly, another excuse, one of many she frequently used, he could insist and he knew she wouldn’t refuse him. At the start of their marriage she’d complied, she’d made an attempt to accept him as her husband, but as time went on the excuses became more and more frequent and on the nights she’d accepted him, she hadn’t truely been there. These days Lar’s had all but given up on hope she’d return his feelings.

He watched as she put down her book, “Kait?”

“Yes?” she replied turning to him.

“I love ye” he whispered.

“I know” She replied, looking slightly uncomfortable, looking the same way she did any time Lar’s tried to express how he felt about her.

“It’s ok” he nodded “I know yer don’t feel the same way” Kaitlyn didn’t replied she just looked down at the blankets, almost as if she were about to cry. Leaning forward he kissed her lightly on the forehead, “git some sleep, i’m gonna check on Fang” Pulling himself out of the bed, he donned his leather pants and tunic and headed outside.

Once outside he slumped down onto the decking looking up at the moon. He just wished he knew what to do. She was a good wife but perhaps he just needed to accept that she’d be his wife but not his lover.

He looked out across the clearing; perhaps he should build a second cabin. Wolf and Raeanne deserved their own space and moving them out would give he and Kaitlyn more room, he could move himself into the room Raeanne currently occupied, he’d never need to bother Kaitlyn again. She’d probably feel more comfortable with that arrangement.

Suddenly the door behind him swung open, Lar’s chuckled as it slammed shut again, not needing to look around to see who it was. “wat’s up now?”

“She’s stubborn as a mule” Wolf cursed. “Here I am offerin to marry her and she thinks she can do better”

Lar’s chuckled “She loves you”

“You’d not be knowin it listening to her, she’s got a harpy’s tounge in her head”

Lar’s chuckled again “So you finally asked her to marry you?”

“Aye” Wolf sighed “She ain’t having none of me though, im not what she envisioned, or some such rubbish what the hell’s does that mean anyway??”

“You’re asking the wrong man for advice on women”

“You and Kait seem well enough” wolf replied.

“Aye that’s why I’m sitting out here on the porch in the freezing cold” Lars chuckled.

“Bah well i’ve had enough of her” Wolf growled, “Let her see if she can do better. What’s wrong wit you and Kait anyways?”

Lars shrugged “I love her, she loves someone else…not much else to say”.

“Aye but you two seem well enough, i see ya curl up on the sofa together often enough, at least Kait will have bar of you”

“Perhaps” Lars replied “but it’s when Kait wants it, she’s affectionate enough when she’s feeling the need for it, rest of the time I’m left out in the cold. Besides “ Lar’s sighed “there’s a time when a man wants more than a cuddle on the couch”

“Oh” Wolf replied “I didn’t realise, i always assumed …. well… i assumed everything as well enough”

“Bah I shouldn’t be burdening me son wit me troubles, we’ll be well enough”

“Fine pair we make hu?”

Lar’s chuckled “Aye”

One response to “Out in the cold

  1. Poor Lar’s, I really like him. And she’s going to have to get over her x, he’s not even human anymore, and I’m not to fond of his current state.

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