Forward Thinking

Deonte dismounted the horse he’d borrowed from Forrest, outside the address his mother had given him. It was a small rundown terraced building in the centre of the vaux estate, not shabby the average peasant standard’s but not exactly what he’d expected when his mother had told him she was merchant class either, perhaps she was right after all perhaps this girl wouldn’t view him as a downgrade, because right now she certainly wasn’t living the life expected of a bakers daughter.

A sudden wave of nerves washed over him, it seemed strangely surreal to knock at a complete stranger’s house and expect them to offer him dinner, never mind discuss the possibility of marriage while they ate. Resisting the urge to climb back on the horse he nervously walk towards the front door, inside he could hear the screams of a small child, taking one last deep breath he knocked loudly on the door.

Several minute’s past with no response from inside and just as he was about the knock for a second time to door was suddenly flung open, by a young flustered looking woman. “I’m sorry” She apologised “Dawson is having a fit, i almost didn’t hear you”.  

Deonte smiled nervously “It’s alright” he replied “I’m Deonte” His mother had been right she was pretty, she had deep brown hair chopped of at the shoulder’s and pretty gray eyes, her skin was heavily tanned a sign that she spent a great deal of time in the outdoors, suddenly he realised he was staring feeling foolish he quickly looked down at his feet.

“Oh I’m sorry” she suddenly blurted”  I’m Brittany”  she smiled suddenly realised she’d been staring too “Please come in”

“Thanks” he replied following her into the small dark building, the front door lead directly to the main living area, it was sparsely furnished and in the centre of the floor, sat two small boy’s one of which was the source of the commotion that still rang out loudly, the young woman knelt down scooping up the small boy, throwing him up onto her hip, where his cry’s lessened as he nuzzled into her shoulder.

“Im sorry” she apologised again “He’s being fussy today”

“Ma Ma” the little boy wailed, chewing on his fist.

Deonte nodded nervously looking around the small room, other than the small scattering of toy’s it was bare it appeared clean and well kept.

“Let me show you around” she offered “this is the living room….” she began, giving Deonte a moment to look around “….. Obviously” she cursed “I’m sorry I’m sure you know what a living room is.. I’m sorry I’m just nervous”

Deonte chuckled “It’s ok” he replied “I’m a little nervous myself”

The young woman nodded seeming grateful, she seemed to relax “Erm….ok .. though here is the kitchen” she continued pushing a door at the back of the room open allowing Deonte to follow her into the next room, Like the first room the kitchen was sparsely furnished, just the essentials and in the centre there was a small table that had been set ready for dinner with cutlery and a small vase of flowers.

The kitchen was filled with the scent of fresh bread and pastry’s and all made Deonte suddenly very hungry, “Something smell’s nice” Deonte smiled.

Brittney nodded “Thanks” she replied “so have you done many of these before?” she asked.

“Many of what?”

“These meeting’s??”

“No” Deonte  replied, “first one”

Brittany nodded continuing with the tour “the lavatory is out the back, i have to share it, so if you need it let me know and ill show you” denote nodded “and then there’s just bedrooms upstairs” she continued “It’s time for the twin’s nap now, so if you follow up i’ll show you where they sleep”

“No nap” Dawson protested wiggling in her arm’s “No No”

“You’ll feel better after a sleep” Brittany smiled but the little boy didn’t look impressed and continued to struggle in her arms. Brittany headed back the living room and started up the small wooden staircase the little boy’s protest’s loud and clear.  

“Do you want me to bring the other one?” Deonte offered pointing to the other little boy who was still happily playing on the floor.

“Do you mind?” she asked seeming genuinely concerned “I can come back for him”

“It’s no bother” Deonte replied heading over he picked up the little boy in his arms, chuckling slightly as the little boy gave him a very unsure look. “Hey there” Deonte smiled bouncing him slightly, as he began to cry. “I don’t think he likes me” he smiled apologetically at Brittany.

“He just doesn’t know you” she smiled looking unconcerned “come on this way”

Deonte followed carrying the unsure little boy up the stairs to a small room on the landing, following inside there was a fairly large bedroom with two small wicker cradles hanging from the rafters, he watched intently as the young woman laid the first child down to sleep, kissing him lightly on the forehead she turned to Deonte  “Come on you” she grinned holding her arms out to the second little boy who wriggled furiously in his arms to get to his mother, and he watched as like she had with the first she tenderly laid her second son down to sleep.

“Nigh nite” the little boy waved happily unlike his brother who continued to scream.

There was suddenly an uncomfortable silence, and Deonte glances around the room “Where do you sleep?” he asked having not seen an entrance to another room.

“I’ll show you” Brittany smiled, leading him back into the corridor, she pulled on a rope that hung from the rafters and Deonte watched as a shutter in the ceiling opened and i small ladder dropped down.  Deonte  followed as she climbed up into a small loft area, that had been converted into a small bedroom, it was small and rather dark, but it seemed cosy enough, with just enough light filtering though the breaks in the thatching to see by.

Deonte looked around, like the other rooms it had little in the way of personal belongings, furnished simply with nothing but a bed and small chest of draws, Deonte smiled nervously “it seems cozy” he mumbled.

Brittany smiled “It’s alright” she replied “so what do you want to do now?”

Deonte shrugged “how long will the food be?”

“A short while yet” Brittany replied.

“Oh, well we could go down stair’s an talk” Deonte suggested “get to know each other a bit, I’m sure you have a lot of questions about me?”

Brittany nodded “Some” she admitted, “we could just stay here” she offered sitting down on the bed “I’m sure there are ‘ways’ you want to get to know me too?”

Deonte nodded “I guess so” he replied, missing entirely the connotation of her statement,  earlier he’d had like a hundred questions for the young woman but suddenly he couldn’t think of one.

“Sit down” she smiled patting the bed besides her watching as Deonte sat nervously, “So…… do you think I’m pretty?” she asked bluntly but with a hint of nerves.

“Yes” Deonte replied “My mother told me you where, and she was right”

“Good” she smiled, fidgeting nervously “I expect…. i expect you want to try me out?”

Deonte raised an eye brow “Pardon?”

“You know, make sure I can fulfil you manly needs?” she replied, moving her hand to rest on the top of his leg.  Deonte’s eye’s widened suddenly realising what she meant.

3 responses to “Forward Thinking

  1. I do have photo’s for this entry they will follow later.

  2. Hopefully one of her? I’d like to put a face with her.

    Well, this could be interesting, hopefully Deonte will show her respect. He usually does.

  3. Oh my… O_O
    He should run. I don’t think that’s the kind of “wife” he needs. She’s a bit too willing to, er… be tested out. :P

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