Banging Heads

Deonte dragged Ebony into his bedroom where Lysander sat uncomfortably waiting for his brothers return.  His initial reaction was that of shock having not expected Ebony to come in toe.


“Ok it’s late” Deonte said sharply “And i am tired and fed up of being a messenger pidgeon between the pair of you, your getting married tomorrow for heaven’s sake, and tonight your gonig to learn to deal with each other.”

“But…” Lysander began to protest.

“Let me finish” Deonte Protested “Now as far as i can gather you don’t hate each other, neither of you seem especially averse to being wed, but at the same time the last few weeks have been a complete and utter waste of time because you’ve hardly spoken.” Pointing at the bed he ordered Ebony “Now Sit” Wiping the tear’s from her eye’s she sat herself next to an uncomfortable looking Lysander. “That’s better” Deonte smiled. “Now Lysander why don’t you tell Ebony why you chose her??”

“What?” Lysander asked looking horrified.

“Tell her why you chose her?” Deonte replied simply, “she thinks you hate her, she can’t understand why you picked her so i think perhaps you should tell her”

Lysander replied the words sort of tumbling from his mouth in an illegible muddle, Ebony looking toward’s him confused “Pardon” she replied.

“I didn’t like that you where getting beaten” Lysander replied.

“So you felt sorry for me?” she asked, unsure that his reason made her feel any better.

“Well yeah i guess so” Lysander replied.

“But it show’s he cares” Deonte butt in, suddenly concerned his plan may suddenly come unravelled. “you can’t expect love to come straight away” he reasoned quickly “he cared for you, he didn’t want to see you hurt that counts for something doens’t it”

“I suppose” she replied sounding unsure.

“Ok Lysander” Deonte continued “Do you still care for her?”

“Yes” Lysander mumbled.

“What did you tell me earlier in our room??” Lysander looked confused “About being concerned for her?” he prompted.

“That she didn’t have to marry me if she didn’t want” Lysander replied half guessing that, was the conversation Deonte was referring to.

“Good, what else did you say?” Deonte asked “about her old life??”Lysander looked confused, Deonte sighed “You know about her being better off?”

Lysander shrugged “just thinkin that yer might have been happier gitin beaten than marryin me”

“But you do want to marry her?” Deonte asked.

“I guess so” Lysander replied.

Deonte sighed “ly you have a real way of letting a girl know she’s wanted”

“I do want her” Lysander protested “what else der ya want me to say”

“Tell her!!! You want her” Deonte replied exasperated waving his arms towards Ebony.

Lysander went crimson looking at his feet for a moment, he lifted his head “I do want yer, they ain’t nothin wrong wit yer, i didn’t want yer ter feel like i didn’t”.

“finnally” Deonte exclaimed “Ok moving on.. number 1, you need to stop spending all your time at that damn lake, if Ebony is gonig to be your wife you need to spend some time with her”

“Like what?”

Deonte sighed again this whole thing was getting silly, turning to Ebony he smiled “Ok Ebony what do you like doing?”

“Me?” she asked.

“No the other Ebony” Deonte growled.

“Oh sorry… erm … i like kids, i like playing cards, i play a little chess but im not very good.”

“Arh Ha” Deonte interrupted. “Chess… don’t you have a board Ly?”

“Er yeah, but i havn’t played it in ages” Lysander replied “yer never play it with me any more”

“Yeah well you always beat me” Deonte replied “ok so this is good .. chess.. chess is a good game perhaps you could teach ebony to play better, and i have some cards perhaps she could teach you that.”

“I don’t want to take yer cards off yer Deonte, me Pa bought you them” Lysander replied genuinely concerned.

“Trust me it’s a fair sacrifice to get you two together and talking… ok so do we have an agreement, after dinner when its dark and you can’t fish anymore you’ll take the time to spend with Ebony?”

“Aye i suppose”

“Right… ok next.. Ly i want you to kiss ebony.”

“What!” Lysander gasped.

“Trust me brother it’s for your own good” Deonte grinned as both Lysander and Ebony went purple.

“How’s this going to help?” Ebony stammered.

“Well” Deonte replied, trying desperately to think of a reason that wasn’t the truth, after all he didn’t think telling her she reminded Lysander of Kaiden was going to do her any good. “Lysander’s worried about kissing you, he’s worried it won’t be any good and he’ll make a fool of himself in front of a church of people tomorrow.”

“Im sure it will be fine” Ebony replied.

“Still better to get it out of the way now” Deonte grinned, “Come on Ly”

“I dunno” Lysander replied “doesn’t seem like a good idea to me”

“Come on i’ll help” Deonte Grinned Heading over to the lamp he turned the light as low as it would go “Remember what i said about the lights being off? It’ll be fine”

“I ain’t kissin her with you watching” Lysander protested.

“Your going to be kissin her with a church full of people watchin tomorrow, whats the problem.. Come on both of you stand up”

“Am gonna kill you fer this” Lysander growled, standing to his feet, he offered his hand out to Ebony who nervously stood to join him.

“Good Good” Deonte grinned “Now Ly remember, tonight’s going to be the night she remembers as the one where she got her first kiss, i want you to show her how it’s really done!!”

“I’m not sure this is appropriate” Lysander growled.

“Quit yer complaining, your marrying the girl tomorrow, i don’t think anyone will care. All this whining gonna make her think you don’t want to kiss her”

Lysander looked at Ebony “yer don’t have ter do this” he said nervously.

“It’s ok” she replied “you can kiss me”

“See easy” Deonte grinned edging towards the door “Now on three…. one… two…. three”

On three much to his own suprise Lysander did lean forward planting a soft, warm kiss on Ebony’s lips and was pleasantly surprised when she returned it. Pulling away there was an awkward silence, Lysander quickly placing his hands in his pockets having realised they had been on her waist.

“Where’s Deonte gone?” Ebony asked looking around noticing he was no-where to be seen.

“Deonte” Lysander called.  

Outside Deonte chuckled to himself as he pushed across the latch on the door locking the pair inside. “Good night” he called back.

Lysander rushed to the door having heard the latch move, tugging on the door it didn’t open “Deonte what you you doing??” he yelled.

“Giving you some alone time” Deonte chuckled back, “Use it get to know each other”

“Deonte Open this door.. now!!” Lysander protested, but it was too late Deonte was already heading down the corridor towards the living room where he planned to find himself some sleep on the couch.

“Eehem..” a voice called behind him, Deonte span to see his mothers head peering out of her bedroom door “Do you think that was wise?” she asked.

Deonte chuckled “worse case they talk…. best case they… don’t talk ” he grinned cheekily “They are to be married tomorrow i figure either way no-one’s going to be to upset. Besides you give me a better way of getting Ly to talk to the girl??”

Clara shook her head and chuckled heading back into her room, everyone in the house ignoring the call’s from Lysander to be released.

3 responses to “Banging Heads

  1. Ten points to Deonte for being so clever. Finally, the two are talking!

  2. Wow, I am seriously crushing on Doeonte now. hehe
    I hope he get’s with Persia, he so doesn’t deserve Muireann. ^_^

  3. Deonte is pretty cool. I think I’ve liked him since we met him, or at least was neutral towards him, I don’t feel like checking old comments though.

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