Kinda Un-Natural Like!!

Deonte looked surprised when his brother re-entered the room so quickly after leaving it, “Is she alright?” he asked.

Lysander shrugged “she say’s she is, but she’s definitely cryin”

“You didn’t stay long” Deonte replied.

“I don’t think she wanted ter talk about it?”

“Did you even try?”

“I asked her if she was ok, I figured she’s tell me if she wanted to talk” Lysander reasoned.

“Your useless” Deonte chuckled.

Lysander sighed heavily “Do you think im doin the right thing?” he asked “I mean, I just wanted to help her, but she’s crying all the time I feel like im doin her wrong fer tryin”

Deonte shrugged “yer need to get to know her Ly…. She’s just a girl, im imagining she’s wanted what they all want … knight in shining armour sweeping her off her feet”

“I ain’t much of a knight” Lysander grumbled.“More like a fishman in grubby overalls”

Deonte chuckled “You could make an effort to get to know her” he suggested.

“I’ve tried” he protested, “I invited her ter the market, other day didn’t I?”

“Oooh very romantic” Deonte replied sarcastically.

“Well I ain’t any good at all that stuff” Lysander reasoned.

“You’ve never tried” Deonte chuckled, “you barely talk to the girl no wonder she’s scared.”

“Never know what ter say, keep thinking she’ll find me borin”

“Better she finds you boring” Deonte replied “than she thinks your uncaring”

“Well it’s not that I don’t care” Lysander replied awkwardly “But dunt she remind you of Kaiden?”

Deonte shook his head exasperated “You shouldn’t be marrying the girl if that what you think…. But no for your information I think she looks nothing like him she’s no-where near as hairy” he chuckled.

“dunt you think kissin her would be strange though?”

Deonte shook his head “I can’t say I’ve imagined kissing your betrothed”

“Well im no sayin yer have … but if yer had too do yer think it would be weird? Sort of un-natural like?”

 “You know I was wrong. “ Deonte smiled” Uou shouldn’t be worried about her thinking your boring or uncaring.  You should be worried that she’ll think your weird” He chuckled throwing his pillow across the room “ Geeze Ly …. She’s a girl I’d imagine kissing her would be kinda nice, besides when the lights are out are you gonna really be thinking about Kaid??”

“I dunno that’s what im worried about, what if I do??” Lysander asked looking genuinely worried “can ye imagin it … wedding night she’s expecting … well ye know … an I can get me brother out me head, it’s just not right.”

Deonte shook his head “You truly are special” he laughed.

“I just dunt want to be a big fat disappointment… I mean I took er away from her house ter save er … but what if she get’s to know me and wishes that I’d left her there with the beatings …. Some girls are like that, maybe she’d rather be beaten than marry me”

“That’s why you need to talk to her” Deonte smiled “but I tell you what I bet right now she’s rather know she was going to get beaten tomorrow than not know at all what her future holds.”

“I can’t” Lysander grumbled, pulling off his clothes he climbed into bed.

“She’s sill crying” Deonte pointed out “I can hear her” Lysander didn’t reply instead he the blankets up over his shoulder he settled down to sleep.

One response to “Kinda Un-Natural Like!!

  1. He’s such a guy. At least we know he cares now, I was beginning to worry he was starting not too, he’s just awkward around her I guess.

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