Culling the Pups

Siren bought the babe away from her lips after just a few seconds; passing it back to Vincent she nodded “Return her to her mother”.

“Clean?” Vincent asked hopefully.

Siren nodded and smiled “thankfully yes”

Vincent relaxed, looking down on the babe fondly for a moment “I still think their cute at this age” he smiled.

“Don’t get too attached” Siren warned “We still have one to deal with”

Vincent’s smile faded quickly being replaced with a sour grimace “Is killing it really the only option?”

“Im afraid so, better now than later” Siren replied, “better them than us” she re-affirmed.

Vincent nodded knowing better than to argue with his sire, “the mother will be heart broken”

Siren nodded “Losing a child is never easy, that’s why its better sooner rather than later. Now quickly take this little one back to her mother and make sure she remembers nothing”

Vincent nodded taking the babe back inside, he spent a few quite moments whispering quietly in Raeanns sleeping ear before returning the group, looking back though the window at mother and child he turned to Siren “She’s quite beautiful” He mused “do you not think?”

Siren smiled and nodded “yes she is”

“She has exquisite taste” he continued “obviously likes the finer things in life” he purred.

“Yes” siren mused “I don’t think I like where your leading.”

“Well you did say that I could have the next childe” Vincent smiled “It think she’d make a fine choice don’t you think?”

“You mean to turn her?”

“Can I?”

“No” Siren replied “not now”

“Why not?” Vincent dared to ask “You said I could be next?”

“You can, you will be…… just not now” siren replied sternly “perhaps in a few years?”

Vincent sighed “But humans age so quickly” he replied “she’ll be old by then”

“Pretty girls are a easy to find” Siren replied matter of factly, “now come on”

“Why not?” Vincent urged as boldly as he’d dare, realising this was an issue Siren would not be bent on.

“Firstly we have enough childe to deal …. between her ” she said nodding at Carolyn who was still sulking after her run in with Siren” and Alistair …. He’s still raw and full of anger, we can’t risk it. We have our hands full as it is, besides can you imagine how much we’d anger Lars if we turned his son’s wife??”

“Anymore angry than he’s going to be for killing one of the pups?” Vincent protested.

“Enough” Siren scolded “I said no, come its time for us to leave she’ll be waking soon”

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  1. Ooh…cliffhanger O_O

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