The Return of a Prince

The whole kingdom was a buzz, news had traveled fast though the mountains Quillen first Prince of Darkfire was returning home.

Things where frantic no-one quite sure who was more excited about the return of the kings adopted son, him or the queen.

Jasmine had settled into lift as the queen on Darkfire mountains well though in all honesty it was much less formal than most kingdoms and even now 12 months after the return to the mountains she’d be hard pushed to fit into any “normal” kingdom.

However Darkfire was anything but normal, the normal social boundary’s did not seem to exist in anything but name and the tiny population more closely resembled a large family more than a traditional kingdom.

The only person who fought to keep the class’s separate was the kingdoms only lord Peter Hamdun, a nobleman born he fitted least of all into the social structure of the up and coming kingdom, he struggled to enforce taxation but it was difficult to uphold anything of a normal kingdom when the king seemed intent on inviting peasants to dinner.

Everyone had been surprised by Thomas’s sudden decision to send Quillen home to his mother, and although everyone was overwhelmed with joy especially jasmine, everyone wondered how much the young boy had changed he’d been separated from her for almost 2 years, he’d left a toddler and was returning a young boy with a mind very much of his own.

As for the rest of population of Darkfire Mountains, most had settled well into the little kingdom, for some it was simply coming home and for others it was a new life with new hopes and dreams.

Kendra Harper the illegitimate daughter of Aldun Hamdun had settled well into the Royal household bringing up the daughter Jaedyn had bore as a product of Alduns rape as her own, renamed Kira, the little girl would never know the truth behind her true parentage, growing up happy and healthy calling Kendra mother.

Dorothy, the fire starter, the savor of the people on that fateful day, finally woke up 6 months after the attack. Just in time to birth her and Kaidens second son, Gauvain. Her powers lost, burnt out in the attack she settled into life as a normal person well. Happier without her powers than she’d ever been with them, all her dreams coming true, a wife and mother her life in her mind complete.

As for the rest of the occupants of the mountains life was simple and happy, the stress’s, strains and hardships of Grimstead left far below on the plains.

One response to “The Return of a Prince

  1. Can’t image that will last long, although I wonder how Quillen will feel finally returning home.

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