The Grubby Tavern

Raeann smiled nervously, fascinated but at the same time deeply un-nerved. What where the chances of stumbling upon a man such as he in a tavern such as this? She thought looking around at the shabby grubby entire and then back to the immaculate gentleman before her who quite blatantly did not belong. 

Besides surely she would have known if a man like this was coming to Grimstead, his manner and dress wreaking of nobility, as much as now that she lived up at the cabin she was out of the loop as it where she’s seen her father just two days ago surely he would have mentioned such a prestigious visitor?

“I don’t believe we’ve met” she finally managed to stammer, suddenly very nervous “I’m Raeann Vaux”  she added hoping that whoever this man was and whatever his intentions the dropping of her father’s name would deter him from any dishonourable intentions.

The man smiled completely un-phased “Yes Anna i know exactly who you are” he replied taking her arm he guided her to a seat near the window “Come sit with me” he commanded, following her feet not responding to the screams within her head to run… and run quickly. Sitting in the chair, she held Skye who was still screaming to be fed close, her heart pounding inside her chest though it were about to explode “Who are you?” she stammered.

“I am Vincent” he smiled, “but you seem nervous, please calm down” he urged  and at the moment Raeann suddenly and without explanation felt all the fear suddenly drain from her body, her heart slowing down she relax her grip on the still screaming babe. “Thats better “Vincent purred “I don’t mean you harm”

Raeann smiled the fear completely gone she couldn’t explain why, but she felt calm peaceful as she felt the rest of the world melting away as she stared into his eyes.

She didn’t even notice the young couple in the corner finishing their embrace, the young woman standing suddenly a smile forming on her lips, watching as the young man she’d been occupied with falling forward, head clattering heavily onto the table top motionless.  Vincent smiled “Sleep now” he whispered, and Raeann felt the whole world slipping away in a blanket of darkness not noticing as the scruffy looking woman pried the small babe out of her arms.

Vincent smiled patting the now sleeping woman on the head, dusting off his clothes he gave a disapproving look around at his surrounding motioned for the scruffy looking woman to follow and headed outside to where his mistress waited.

2 responses to “The Grubby Tavern

  1. Hmm, well I knew he was trouble.

  2. Oh my god!
    Did he just steal the baby!?

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