Peaceful Cabin

Things finally settled down in the cabin in the wood, baby Skye was be no means well but she and Raeann had finally started to bond as mother and child should.

Feeding was still difficult and the baby continued to throw up more than she kept in her tiny belly, but at least Raeann began to manage the feeds herself.

As the weeks passed Skye’s condition stabilised she was no-where as big or strong as Kaitlyns twins but everyone was grateful that was least she didn’t seem to get worse.

Raeann had changed greatly over the months it was surprising to all how much she was forced to grow up during her little ones plight and things started to change between Raeann and Wolf.

It was subtle at first but concern for Skye slowly bought the pair together, not that either recognised it but it wasn’t missed by Lar’s or Kaitlyn and both secretly hoped it wouldn’t be too long before the pair could be re-united living together as the family should always have been.

2 responses to “Peaceful Cabin

  1. I’m so glad you updated!

  2. Hey glad to see your back, and hopefully little Skye will survive.

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