The Death of the King

King Henry was dead and the kingdom mourned, he had been a fine king but it was time the crown passed on to someone younger.

Much to Thomas’s surprise Henry had left the crown to him, despite the threats and pushing Henry had discussed the options with his advisers and always maintained that Thomas was by far the best option, and the threats where merely that ideal threats designed the push Thomas into action.

Life took a sudden and drastic change for Thomas and Holly, immediately moving from the Barracks up to the castle, Thomas decided then it was time for Quillen to return to his mother.

It wasn’t an easy decision but things would become complicated with the young boy around and as King Thomas would not have time to spend with the troubled young boy. Besides in years to come how could he ever explain passing the throne to Duncan??.

No Quillen would be better in the mountains with his mother and a man who wanted to treat him as his own, where he stood a chance of having a normal life a life of purpose as more than that bastard child of the king.

So as the weeks rolled on towards the coronation the news did not bode well with other members of the family, there where two other sons with claims to the throne, and Daniel and Alistair where not about to give up that easily.

2 responses to “The Death of the King

  1. Aw that’s so sad! Long live the king!

  2. Sad but happy to see it’s going to Thomas. And Alistair can’t have the thrown, he does need some help though, right now he’d probably be better off dead sadly.

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