Little Tears

Things continued to be difficult in the Karogar cabin, and while the twins had piled on the weight Raeann continued to struggle feeding Skye and the baby’s weight dwindled, she cried almost constantly and was causing everyone in the cabin great concern.

Eventually the resorted to Kaitlyn to provide most of the little girls feeds but even that didn’t seem to help Skye continued to lose weight and the screaming continued and everyone worried for the little girl who it began to seem wasn’t longed for this world.

Raeann took the situation very badly, blaming herself for the baby’s difficulties she separated herself from the baby, always looking for an excuse not to interact with her, she reached a point where she barely picked up the child without being coaxed by Wolf or Kaitlyn.

It was late at night when once again Wolf was woken by the baby’s screams, waiting a while her finally headed to Raeanne’s bedroom, without knocking her pushed open the door. Raeann sat on the bed her knee’s tucked up under her chin she rocked back and forth tears streaming down her face.

Wolf sighed heading passed the bed to the crib where Skye lay screaming picking her up he gently rocked her “Do ye want to feed her?” he asked “Or shall I take her to Kait?”

“Take her to Kait” Raeann replied tearfully.

Wolf sighed “Ye can’t just ignore her ” he complained “can’t be leaving her to cry like that, she needs seein to”

“You see to her then” Raeann snapped.

“I will” He replied irritated “ye can sleep on the couch and I will stay in here an see ter her”

“Fine!!” Raeann replied picking up her pillow she stormed off towards the lounge.

Wolf sighed heading towards the door he trundled off up the stairs to his fathers room, knocking lightly it didn’t take long for Kaitlyn to answer, she looked exhausted which was normal for Kaitlyn these days feeding 3 babies especially when one was as demanding as Skye took a lot out of the young woman, Wolf didn’t need to speak, she held out her hands taking Skye from his grip before disappearing back into the bedroom.

Wolf returned to the living room where Raeann lay “I know its hard Anna” he whispered “we’ve all got to do our bit”

“She going to die” Raeann sobbed.

“Ney she isn’t” Wolf replied defensively “we all gotta do our bit, she’ll be ok”

“No!!” Raeann snapped “she’s going to die”

“Anna don’t say that” Wolf growled “she’s gonna be just fine, but she needs her ma”

“I can’t” she sobbed “every time I see her I know its my fault”

“All the more reason for ye to love her then” Wolf replied, “come on lets get ye back to bed”

“No” Raeann sobbed “you look after her, your better at it than me”

Wolf sighed, “Git” he said nodding towards the bedroom snatching the pillow she was clutching out of the hand. “I’ll make some ye some milk an honey, get in bed an I’ll bring it”

Raeann headed back the bedroom, tears still trickling down her face, a short while later wolf arrived with a mug of warmed honeyed milk. “Here ya go” he said handing her the mug, she drank gratefully, while Wolf perched on the end of the bed.

Things remained quiet until eventually there was a light tapping at the door, wolf answered to find Kaitlyn and the baby. “She did well” Kaitlyn smiled wearily.  

“Arh good” Wolf smiled at the baby taking her from Kaitlyns arms. “That’s ma girl”.


“Night Kait” Wolf smiled gratefully “thank you” Closing the door her headed to the bed, holding out the baby to Raeanne.

“just put her in the crib” Raeann whispered putting the mug down and settling down beneath the covers.

“Give her a cuddle a while” Wolf urged.

“Please Wolf don’t” she pleaded.

“Come on, just for a while” he insisted, tucking the baby into the bed next to Raeann looked uncomfortably at the baby “she she aint so bad” Wolf smiled, settling down on the bed behind Reaenn he peered over her shoulder at the baby.

“She so tiny” Raeann whispered, freezing for a moment as she felt Wolfs arm slip around her waist “Do you really think she’s going to be alright?” she asked.

Wolf smiled “she gonna be fine lass, as long as she’s got her ma taking good care of her she’s gonna be fine, but no more ignorin her”.

Raeann nodded settling her head down she lay and stared as the baby slipped into a peaceful sleep, a few hours passed and Raeann woke to the stirring of the baby, who had just began to moan in her arms. Looking around she noticed Wolf fast asleep next to her his arms still around her waist.

Skye let out a piercing cry, “Alright” Raeann scolded “Im here” resisting the uarge to simply get out of bed and take Skye back upstairs to Kaitlyn she untied the front of her nightgown “No biting” she threatened, bringing the baby up to her breast she winced as the baby latched on to her still tender nipples.

A few minutes passed Raeann watched as the baby fed, it was sore but the initial pain quickly eased “See knew you could do it” Wolf said from behind her.

2 responses to “Little Tears

  1. Wasn’t expecting it to be so simple but it’s nice everyonce in a while, I have a feeling things are going to shift shortly though.

  2. I hope you’re okay, I’m missin my grimstead fix!

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