The Silver Ring

Deonte had been courting Muireen on and off for the past 12 months, though it couldn’t really been considered that long he was only posted on the Hamdun estate once every 6 months and that was the only time he really got chance to spend any time with her.

However he had plan’s to change that, he’d been entitled to officer accommodation on the Beaumont Estate for over 12 months now, but he’d always refused preferring to spend time with the men and save his money for when he was ready to settle down.  


That time he’d decided was now, touching his hand to the pocket of the small belt pouch his heart pounded feeling the small silver ring inside, he had plans to ask Muirean to marry him having already gotten her mother’s blessing he was eager to move forward with the relationship and had even put in a request with Lord Beaumont for a house.

He took Maureen out to the tavern, and they had enjoyed a good meal and so far the date had gone well, they’d talked endlessly and the whole time Deonte felt the ring in his belt pouch burning a hole but struggled to find away to broach the subject.

“Muireen” he eventually asked nervously “Do you like it here?”

“Yes of course why?”

“Have you ever thought about moving to another estate?”

Muireen nodded “Yes of course, I’d like to move back to the Vaux estate, perhaps get a job in Vaux household”

“What about marriage, what if you got married would you mind moving to another estate then?”

Muireen laughed “I’m not going to get married” she chuckled.

“Why not?” Deonte asked concerned his heart sinking fast.

“I’m not the marrying kind” she replied “I don’t really want to get married”

“Don’t you want children? a husband? Someone who with love, and take care for you?”

Muireen shrugged “Not really, ive seen first hand what a man about the house is like, growing up and again here … Lady Hamdun isn’t exactly happy”

“I know” He mumbled “But its not like that for everyone”

“Perhaps not, but I’m not getting married” Muireen replied “Lynette’s not married and she’s happy”

Deonte nodded glumly “Don’t you want children?”

“Don’t know, I’ve not really thought about it, perhaps… but you don’t need a husband for that either”

Deonte nodded and the rest of the meal passed uneventfully, though Deonte now felt his heart had been crushed and the small silver ring in his pocket no long burned.

Later on he walked Muireen back to her room “Good Night” he said kissing her lightly on the cheek before turning away to leave.

“Wait” she whispered.

Deonte turned back to face her “Yes?”

“Deonte we’ve been courting for a while haven’t we?”


“Well when are we going to… well.. move on”

“You mean stop seeing each other?”

“No I mean, progress things?” she replied awkwardly.

“I didn’t think you wanted to get married” he asked hopefully.

Muireen shook her head “I don’t mean that, i mean you haven’t come into my room since our first date, I was wondering when we… you.. well “She paused” when you’d like to share my bed” she said finally spiting it out.

Deonte flushed, not quite understanding what she was proposing “I hadn’t thought about it” he replied “I mean … I had …I really like you, but you said you didn’t want to get married and then i didn’t know what to think, so….. I mean I hadn’t thought about it just like that”

“So have you thought about it or not?” she asked bluntly.

“Well yes” he replied.

“So would you like to come in?”

“No” Deonte replied shaking his head “sorry”

“Why not?”

“Look Muireen” he replied taking a huge intake of breath “i like you… i really like you, and don’t want you take this the wrong way…. but …. I’m looking for more than that…”

“What d you mean?”

Deonte dug into his pouch pulling out the small silver ring “I mean…. I wanted you to marry me” He said holding out the ring “I love you, and I want you to spend the rest of your life with me… I have.. i do imagine us together… sharing a bed” he flushed “but with you as my wife, I respect you too much for it to be any other way” Deonte breathed a sigh of relief his cheeks still burning it somehow felt better for it to be out in the open.

Muireen just stood there staring at the ring a look of shock drawn on her face. “Don’t want a husband” she finally managed to mumble.

Deonte hurriedly slipped the ring back into his pouch “I realise that, maybe not now…. i don’t want to rush you I can wait, I just need to know if maybe one day?”

“No” she replied “Not one day…I don’t want a husband… I just want.. I just want a man ”

“Can’t I be both?” Deonte replied.

“No” she replied simply.

“Is it just marriage your against?” Deonte replied “I could live without it, just having you… us loving each other could be enough?”

“I don’t love you” She replied sadly “I’m already in love with someone else… I hoped you could teach me how to me a woman so I didn’t disappoint them”

Deonte’s mind reeled “what?!” he asked “I don’t understand, we’ve been courting I thought you liked me??”

“I do like you” she reasoned “That’s why I wanted you to be the one to teach me”

Deonte shook his head unable to comprehend what was happening all his dreams and planning suddenly coming crashing down. “Good night Muireen” was all he managed to mumble before running off down the hall.

Muireen stood at the doorway watching as he ran, suddenly a voice from behind her broke her thoughts “If all you need is a man, perhaps I could help” he whispered.

4 responses to “The Silver Ring

  1. Ah, not only did she hurt Deonte but she likely got herself in trouble as well with whoever that is.

    I really like Deonte though, I hope you find him a nice wife to settle down with sometime.

  2. me too. poor guy

  3. Poor Deonte. I’m starting to really dislike Muireen. She’d rather be a wore then a wife…that’s so wrong.. {>_<}

  4. Run while you still can!!!

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