One of Ye Litter

Raeann headed back towards the wagon where her mother sat waiting “What happened?” Lynette asked wrapping her arms around Raeann’s shoulders pulling her head onto her shoulder.

“He hates me” Raeann sobbed.

“We knew it wasn’t going to be easy” Lynette replied “Did you tell him about the baby?”

“No” Raeann sobbed “I don’t want him to take me back just for the baby”

“Well love, Im not sure he’ll take you back without knowing”

“I know” Raeann sobbed.

“Come on” Lynette smiled, taking Raeann’s hand she helped the young woman down from the wagon again “we know chances are where going to be sent away, but we need to try..” she said determinedly “Be Brave” Taking Raeann by the hand she led her towards the cabin.

Lynette knocked lightly on the door, a few minutes later Lar’s appeared opening the door he looked stern “He doesn’t want to see her” he replied glaring at Raeann.

“I know” Lynette replied uncomfortably “She’s carrying his child, can’t we at least discuss it”

Lar’s face dropped “His child??” he replied “but we thought???”

“So did we” Lynette replied nodding “when she arrive at my home the sickness continued.. we thought it was just an after effect of the draft she took. Then her monthly didn’t arrive and still we thought it was just going to take some time for her body to adjust and return to normal”

“How long have you known??” he asked letting Lynette a short way into the house.

“A little over a month ” Lynette smiled “she didn’t know for sure till she quickened and even then she kept it secret from me, but the passed few weeks its become more clear we got a fighter on our hands, it’s causing the girl all sorts of punishment”.

“Come in” Lar’s replied moving from the door letting the two women in.

Wolf sat a short distance away his face like thunder having listened to the conversation. “Let us see then” he demanded.

Tear’s trickled down Raeann’s face as she unbuckled the mud soaked cape; removing it she revealed her swollen belly. “Im sorry” she whispered.

Wolf glared at the tiny bump “Bah ye can’t be serious expecting me to be believen its mine ” he growled.

“Who’s else’s would it be?” Raeann sobbed “I’ve only lay with you”

“Ye must take me for a fool” he growled “Me pa fathered Kait’s child at the same time, look at her and tell me again how that tiny bump is mine”

Raeann stared towards Kaitlyn who sat quietly by the fire, she was indeed displaying a much larger bump, infact Kaitlyn already looked as though she was practically ready to give birth.

“I don’t know” Raeann sobbed “I don’t know why she’s bigger, I just know its yours”

“Well I dun belive ya” Wolf Growled, “This is some trick to get me to take ye back and it ain’t working,” Standing he stormed out of the room.

Raeann burst into tears crying inconsolably on her mothers shoulder, while Lar’s simply looked stunned “wait ere” he nodded towards Lynette, chasing after Wolf.

Catching up with wolf in his bedroom wolf glared at his father “Don’t ye dare be trying to talk me round” Wolf growled stubbornly.

“I ain’t talking anyone round” Lar’s replied “The girls gonna stay with us and most of all ye know why”

“Bah your bein a fool, and I won’t be taken in by her again, got herself knocked up by some poor unsuspecting fool just so she can trick us into taken her back”

“We can’t take that risk” Lars replied “We can’t risk she’s tellin the truth and the babe is your and ye know damn well why”

“Ye dun honestly belive that child could be mind she barely carry’s a bump, besides there’s no way of knowin its one of us till the change, can’t we just check on it when it reaches the time”

“Der ya honestly want to risk finding out the babe was yours when its practically grown?” Lar’s replied sternly “Besides what if she moves, her fathers got money she could get a boat go anywhere and we’d lose track of them? We simply can’t risk it. ”

“An what if we keep her, babe’s born and its not mine der yer really expect me to raise it not knowin??”

“you’ll know” Lar’s smiled “when the babe’s born ye’ll know”

“Bah easy fer ya to say that” Wolf growled.

“Ever wonder why wolves never mate with their own kin?? Even after travelling alone fer year?? ” Lar’s grinned “Trust me boy, when the babe’s born ye’ll know if its one of yer litter”

“Bah.. “Wolf complained “and what if its not”

“Then we’ll send her back to her mother ” Lar’s replied simply.

2 responses to “One of Ye Litter

  1. Hmm… I think Kait maybe be having more then one and that’s why she’s so big. Ooh this is so juicy. Like seeing gossip as it unfolds. teehee {^_^}

  2. I was thinking the same Newcornwall. And that perhaps the poisen she took, although it didn’t kill it, it delayed it’s development some so it’s smaller. I say it’s that or one of both.

    I do hope things work out for them soon though, and I know she’s a brat but she’s learning. That’s just what happens when daddy gives you everything you want.

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