Thomas had been in a spin all week, every time he thought he’d made a decision something flipped the decision on it’s head. He’d been called to the castle his father wanted a decision and he wanted it today. This morning he’d been determined that he was going to remain married even if it cost him the crown.

Daniel was in many ways was much like Alistair a determined and hard worker, someone who would give the role of king it’s all, perhaps the fact that he was in two minds just proved he wasn’t as dedicated to the idea as he should. Daniel was young it was true but perhaps over the never few years he’d mature with his own guidance Daniel would indeed become a fine king.

But the nagging thought in the back of his told him that he was being selfish hundreds of people lived in Grimstead and they deserved the best king they could have. Not that he was at all sure he was in fact a better option than Daniel, who was he to say who would make the better King.

Heading down into the court yard his stomach lurched, Daniel stood in a crowd of boys bragging ever since their father had broke to news Daniel had acted as though the crown was already on his head. “Daniel” Thomas growled.

The young boy turned and paled caught in the act he ran over “Yes sir” he saluted as was customary here in a barracks where for now at least Thomas outranked his younger brother.

“Don’t you have chores to be doing?” Thomas snapped feeling irritated.

“No sir” Daniel smiled smugly.

“Well…go and find something productive to do” Thomas snapped.

Daniel nodded and ran off back towards the group of boys but just before he left earshot he heard Daniel start up yet another ream of things he planned to do when he was king, starting with wiping out Tarik and his kingdom.

Thomas sighed, yes Daniel would need a lot of guidance before he was ready to be king, Just then he spotted Kaitlyn walking towards him her belly swollen from her first pregnancy to the woodsman.

She didn’t often visit them at the barracks and even less frequently paid him any heed, she rarely had much to say to any of the royal family ever since King Henry had announced the crown would be pass young Duncan by.

Thomas smiled now there was a boy, Duncan was as sharp as a knife and boy could that child fight, he was still only 7 and had only been with them a year but he showed great promise and Sir Bendett held high hopes for the boy.

“Kaitlyn” He smiled with a sweeping bow.

Kaitlyn nodded “Good morning”

“So to what do we owe this pleasure?”

“Just checking in on my son” she smiled, “How is he fairing?”

“He’s doing wonderfully” Thomas replied, “He’s settled in well”

“And what of his lessons is he applying himself”

“He’s doing very well” Thomas nodded “Daria struggles to keep up with him most days; she says he’s the most talented student she’s taught”

“Good” Kaitlyn smiled obviously pleased “and what of his behaviour does he mind his teachers?”

“Yes” Thomas nodded “He’s a very well behaved boy, you should be proud he does you credit”

“That’s good” she smiled sadly “I do miss him terribly but being here is the best thing for him, besides it’s what his father would have wanted”

Thomas nodded, when there was a sudden scream behind them, the both span to see a huge gang of boy’s crowded around what looked like a fight.

Running over, he saw Daniel hunched over a much smaller boy while young Duncan clung to his back. “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!!!” Thomas roared.

Daniel stopped immediately put it wasn’t until he released the boy that Thomas could make out the figure of his own young son Quillen, Furious he grabbed Daniel dragging him backwards while Kaitlyn who had run to his side caught hold of her own son.

Most of the boy’s scattered and very soon there was a very empty courtyard “What’s going on??” Thomas demanded for a second time.

“He said he was going to kill my ma” Quillen sobbed, his face swollen from the beating he’d received.

Thomas glared at Daniel “well??”

“He’s a right nutter that one” Daniel cursed “bad stock… doesn’t deserve to be here”

Thomas fumed “do I need to remind you that he is MY SON!!!!!??”

“Still he’s still got no right bein here” Daniel growled “All the boy’s agree, we all come from noble family’s and no farmers bastard deserves to be here”.

Thomas took a deep breath, struggling to remain calm “Ok….. so would you like to explain how he got in the way of your fist??? He’s a child??”

“He started it” Daniel protested “I was just mindin my own business and he kicked me right in the shins”

“Just like that?” Thomas replied doubtfully “out of interest what where you talking about when he came up and kicked you for no good reason??”

“Nothing” Daniel replied.

“Tell me” Thomas growled “Or I sware you will be cleaning a latrines for a week”

“Was just saying how I was gonna kill everyone in Darkfire mountain’s when I was King” Daniel grumbled. “Only cause of what they did to Holly” he added trying to get his brother on side.

“Right” Thomas replied nodding trying to remain calm “How many times do we need to discuss WHY we don’t attack Tarik??” he asked.

“A few” Daniel admitted sulkily.

“You know it doesn’t matter” Thomas growled waving his had in the air “A child of 7 kicked you in the shins your almost a grown man Daniel why couldn’t you deal with it in a more appropriate manner”

“I thought I was dealing with it” Daniel admitted “still no reason for him to kick me”

“You as much as threatened to kill his mother” Thomas reasoned “how do you expect him to react??” Daniel sighed rolling his eye’s “Get to your room, ill deal with you later” Thomas snapped. Watching as Daniel stomped out of sight slamming every door as he went. “for god sake” he sighed “and father expects him to be king” turning his attention to the two smaller boy’s.

“He’s not gonna kill mommy, is he??” Quillen sobbed.

Thomas shook his head, “Of course not” he replied examining the young boys face, it was badly bruised but nothing looked broken “but how many times to I need you tell you to stop picking fights with the bigger boys?” he scolded.

Quillen looked up pitifully “sorry” he mumbled.

Thomas sighed this wasn’t the first fight his son had gotten into with the “noble” boys, and he doubted it would be the last, many of them had been bought up to believe that there blood was truly better than anyone else’s, and Thomas was starting to wonder if Quillen wouldn’t indeed be better of up in the mountains with his mother and Tarik.

“Right” he sighed turning his attention to the last of the offended “Duncan how do you fit in all this”

Duncan stood straight faced “He needed help” he replied simply grinning at Quillen.

Thomas shook his head exasperated he couldn’t tell Duncan off for defending Quillen the pair had become fast friends and besides ……

Oh lord !!!! he had it … he had a solution to all his problems… Standing suddenly he grinned at the boys “gets out of here” he beamed turning his attention to Kaitlyn he threw his arms around her neck “I’ve got it… I know what Im going to do…”

2 responses to “Eureka

  1. I hope he adopts Duncan. He should be the heir anyway and he’s much better suited than Daniel, spoiled kid.

  2. OOh. I have the same idea. That would be awesome. Daniel would be a terrible king I think. He’d throw the kingdom headfirst into war. :/

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