Would you like to come in?

Deonte couldn’t help but smile, his date with Muireann had gone well, she’d seemed nervous and on edge the entire meal but he didn’t give it much heed, Muireann was always nervous and on edge, but he felt she’d slowly begun to loosen up and eventually she even seemed to enjoy herself.

He’d been very careful to act as a gentleman, very aware that not only was she the class above him but that Muireann had always particularly nervous around men, there had always been rumours flying around the school yard about her and Alith’s father and his un-natural taste for his own daughter’s, rumour’s that seemed to be confirmed when Miach their father found himself on the end of lord Vaux’s sword.

He’d dated Muireann at school, if that was what it could be called, they’d spent a lot of time together at least, in truth is was more like a close friendship than dating. Just as he’d started to feel as though perhaps she could be the one he’d marry he’d made a foolish mistake by attempting to take this friendship to a more personal level by reaching out for her hand.
The relationship had ended very abruptly she never came near him again and him always regretted pushing her, this time however he was determined she’d have all the time she needed and he’d allow her to control the speed of things.

The date was ending and as he walked her back to the servants quarters of Hamdun castle, he felt nervous about asking to see her again, he didn’t want her to feel pressured but he was only at the castle for a month before her moved up to the Beaumont estate and he was eager to make the best of it.

Reaching her door he smiled “There we go safe and sound”

Muireann nodded “thank you, I had a nice time” she whispered.

“So did I” he grinned, “I’d like to take you out again” he offered “but there’s no pressure, get in touch if your interested”

“Maybe” she nodded, opening the door to her small room.

Deonte beamed “Ok well I know you have work in the morning and I don’t want to keep you”

“You don’t have to go” she whispered nervously “You could come in for a while”

“What would people say?” Deonte smiled “It’s best that I don’t”

“I don’t care” Muireann replied “Please, we can talk some more”

Deonte took a deep breath “Ok,” he replied hardly believing his luck “Just for a while” he moved passed her into the small room, It was sparely decorated but comfortable much better than the conditions the soldiers had, a small sturdy bed dominated the centre of the room.

Taking a seat Deonte shuffled nervously, he’d been thinking of Muireann a lot and was just overwhelmed by how well things where going, he waited and Muireann sat down beside him, opening a small bedside cabinet she pulled out a bottle of pear cider and two glass “Drink?” she offered.

“Sure” Deonte replied, He’d taken it easy on the drink in the bar not wanting to make a fool of himself with a drunken display or worse, Muireann however hadn’t been so careful and although she was far from being drunk she always showed sign’s of being a little tipsy.

He watched as she poured two large glasses of the cider, taking a small sip he watched as she took a large mouthful of her’s. “This is a nice room” he offered, “Do you like working here??”

Muirean nodded “It’s ok” she replied “It can be a bit tense sometimes the lord and lady don’t really get on”

“That’s a shame” he replied “How’s your sister ? Does she like being married”

Muirean nodded “I think so, she says Hayden’s a bit of a bore but I think he’s growing on her” she replied taking another big mouthful.

“That’s good, does he have money?”

“He’s doing ok” she replied “they have a small house”

“I’m entitled to Officer accommodation now” Deonte replied “haven’t taken it yet though, doesn’t seem much point till I have someone to share it with”

Muirean nodded looking somewhat distracted “that’s nice” she replied, “Your mother was a whore wasn’t she?” she asked bluntly.

Deonte looked shocked, most people skirted around the subject of Deonte’s heritage, usually the only people who dared mention it where soldiers trying to poke fun at the young man. “Yes ” he replied defensively “But she married a merchant, bought my indenturement.. im a freeman”

“Are you going to kiss me” she suddenly blurted out.

Deonte looked shocked almost spilling his drink “I hadn’t thoughts about it” he lied, indeed he had thought about it but had quickly dismissed at as a bad idea.

“You can, you know… I won’t run off” Muireann replied.

“Do you want me to??” Deonte asked, suddenly insanely nervous.

“Yes” she replied bluntly.

“Erm.. ok” he said leaning forward his lips gently brushing her’s, his heart pounding he wasn’t quite sure where to put his hands scared in case she ran away, pulling away he grinned.

“I want to you show me how to please a man” Muireann whispered.

“Pardon?!” Deonte exclaimed.

“Your mother was a whore” Muireann explained “she must have taught you things, I want you to show me… show me what to do”

“My mother didn’t teach me those sorts of things” Deonte snapped, pulling away fully not quite sure what had gotten into the young girl who used to be so timid she ran away when he first tried to hold her hand.

“What’s wrong with you?!”

“Nothing” she replied “Don’t you like me??”

“Yes Muireann I like you very much” he admitted.

“Then take me to bed” she reasoned “show me how to make a man happy”

“What makes you think I know?!” Deonte replied confused.

“Surely your mother told you something? And you must have been with girls before.. Show me what you like… Show me how to please you”

4 responses to “Would you like to come in?

  1. Uh oh. this is going to be unhappy for everyone!

  2. stinksapsgreen

    ….tsk tsk. Poor girl.

  3. Oh boy, I hope Deonte has enough sense to leave before this ends really badly.

  4. Oh gosh. Run Deonte Run! {O_O}

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