Avoiding Muirean

Christopher had spent the passed few weeks avoiding Muirean which had been difficult as the Hamdun Castle was still quite small in comparison to the Kings.

He’d been quite surprised how jealous he’d felt when Deonte had told him how much he liked Muireann and since then it seemed to be all the younger boy talked about. Still though gritted teeth Christopher had done his best to help the young man in his pursuits, knowing that any relationship Muirean could have with Deonte where likely far more healthy than he himself could provide.

He was on patrol on the rooftops when the inevitable eventually happened a voice calling behind him “you’ve been avoiding me” Muireann called.


Christopher turned, and smiled uneasy at how his stomach fluttered as he saw her, even in her uniform she looked beautiful. “No I haven’t” he lied.

“I expected you to visit me” she complained.

“Sorry I’ve been busy, besides I didn’t think it was appropriate”

“I wanted you to visit” she grinned “how have you been?”

“Im fine” he smiled “How about you?”


“Better for seeing you” she giggled “would you like to go to the pond?” she asked, “After you get off shift?? I could make a picnic”

“I can’t” he replied uneasily “Im really busy”

“Oh.. ok.. ” she said sounding disappointed “What about tomorrow?”

“Im sorry” he replied “We’ve gone though this. I don’t think it’s a good idea that we see each other”


“Why not??” she demanded “Why?? I know you like me, why can’t we be together”

“I’ve already explained” Christopher sighed “you deserve better someone who’ll marry you”

“I don’t care about marriage” she protested “please why can’t we just enjoy each others company?? I could make you happy I know it”

“I don’t doubt that” he replied defensively “but still I can’t afford relationships… not real ones”

“You mean you can’t afford for it to be a big deal.. isn’t that what you said??” she snapped “you want casual flings??”

“Yes I suppose” he admitted, “It would be too big, too important… I can’t risk that”

“I can do casual” Muireann protested “I know what you want and I can give you that”
“No you can’t” Christopher reasoned “look what happened back at the house… you need someone patient someone who will love you and be willing to wait for you”

“It would be better next time” she argued a few stray tears falling down her face “Try me… I can give you what you want”

“No you can’t” he replied firmly “I care for you Muireann but this.. Us can’t happen.. What about Deonte he seems nice?? He really likes you why don’t you go out to dinner with him?”

“I don’t want him” she sobbed, “I want you”

Christopher shook his head “Im sorry, I can’t. I wouldn’t be right… I can’t be the one for you”

“You’d take me if, I was like Brittany” she spat “giving myself free and easy”


“Perhaps” Christopher replied putting his hands on her shoulders “but your not…because your better than that”

“Fine” she snapped breaking free “but maybe I don’t want to be better than that. Just wait ill find a way I’ll show you I can make you happy” she sobbed fleeing for the stairs.

One response to “Avoiding Muirean

  1. Oh lord…that girl is on a destructive course it seems. :/

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