Moving On

It had been a long day and Lar’s was exhausted, he’d rather spend a day out in the woods cutting wood than spend it talking politics’, he remembered now why he’d refused Henry’s offer of becoming nobility.

Raeann had been devastated by the new’s that her father had decided to leave her with the woodsman, she’d spent the day in tears in her room and despite Wolfs bests efforts to calm her he’d only succeeded in making matters worse.

Lar’s slowly made the walk up the stairs to the main bedchamber, he’d planned to spend the night downstairs with Wolf but Kaitlyn had made it clear she expected him to spend the night with her.

He took a deep breath as he reached the chamber door, knocking lightly he couldn’t have been more nervous, “come in” she called and slowly he opened the bedroom door.

Entering the room, Lars could see the small door to Alistairs room open, and he could hear the small boy fussing inside, heading the bed he sat down nervously pulling off his shoes he waited for Kaitlyn to appear.

A moment or two passed and Kaitlyn entered, “that cot is getting to small for him” she said, looking more nervous than he felt, “we’ll have to get him a bed soon”.

“Aye lass” Lar’s agreed “I’ll take you to the Vaux estate tomorrow if you want to the carpenter??”

“Thanks” she smiled “He’ll like having a big boy’s bed” Kaitlyn was already in her night gown heading to the bed she slipped beneath the blankets “you not getting in?” she asked.

Lar’s smiled and nodded, overwhelmed with how nervous he suddenly felt he pulled off his trousers and shirt and climbed in next to her. “I wanted ter say thanks fer what ye said to Orrick, Wolf’ll find a way to make the lass happy”

Kaitlyn nodded “she’s just being stubborn” she replied sadly “Still if im truthful its not what I planned”

“What did you plan?”

“I’ve heard a lot of good things about Orrick, he seems to genuinely care for the women in his life, which believe me is rare in men. I thought perhaps while he was insisting on taking Raeann home because she was unhappy I could make him realise how unfair it was to make my daughter marry his son”

“you don’t want them to wed??”

“Maegan’s a baby, and his boy is already full grown, its rediculas… I want Maegan to choose her husband not have one forced on her”

“Aye” Lars nodded.

“it just makes me so angry” Kaitlyn replied “Orrick has this sterling reputation and yet when it really comes down to it he’s no better than the rest of them, his damn family name and having his son marry well is more important than his own daughters happiness.. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, he’s a nobleman… and believe me I know what they are like … I was the greatest bargaining chip my father ever owned, I was lucky with Alistair my father would have seen me married even if Alistair had beaten me every day of my life.”

“That’s terrible” Lar’s agreed. “I’ll help ye sort out Maegan” he offered.

“Orricks right you can’t go against Henry”

“Ye might be surprised” Lar’s chuckled “Av got more sway wit the old man that ye think” Kaitlyn smiled unconvinced, “let things settle, and ill see him, dun worry meg won’t be marryin him if you don’t want it.

“Thanks” she replied, not quite sure what he had planned, “I wonder how Raeann’s doing?? ”

Lar’s shrugged “Ye worried about her?”

“No not really, she’ll be fine once she stops being a brat and lets Wolf make her happy…. I used to think I was stubborn” she chuckled. “I’m not sure how where all going to fit in this cabin once baby’s start arriving” Kaitlyn smiled.

“Thinking of baby’s already?” Lar’s replied, knowing full well that babies where indeed already on the way for both girls.

“Well it just seems the next logical step, babies tend to arrive some time after marriage” Kaitlyn replied. “Don’t pretend you haven’t thought about it, if find men have babies on the mind even more than women, even thought they’d deny it, wouldn’t you like another son??”

Lar’s managed a nervous chuckle “son, daughter makes no difference”

“Right!!” Kaitlyn said determinedly, laying down she put her hand on Lar’s shoulder, pulling him towards her “shall we?”

Lar’s pulled away “You mean..?”

Kaitlyn nodded, her hand running down his chest towards his waist sending tingles down his spine, “Where married by my customs, I think its time we where married by yours”

“I just didn’t think ye’d want to”

Kaitlyn stared at him, a look that told him she’d not forgiven him for the events of the other night “I learnt at a very early age that men have weakness in them when it comes to acts of the bed” she said sadly “You didn’t hurt me, and by all accounts you have done right my me in the end…. I think we can move on”

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