No Rape

Lar’s sat nervously in the in the main room, he’d still not decided what to do about Kaitlyn but for now it would have to wait Orrick who was due to arrive later that morning.

He’d been and spoken to Lord Beaumont, as the lawman and lord of the estate Lar’s lived on he’d hoped for guidance, Valdemar had refused to see him though as a commoner lar’s was deemed to insignificant to deal with, however on the advice of Kaitlyn Lar’s had instead sought answer’s at the church.

Father Mathew had given Lar’s some interesting insight into the views of Christian men, not all of them he liked or even agreed with, however he felt better armed to face Orrick he just now needed to deal with the finer points of the issue.

“It wasn’t rape” a voice said suddenly from behind him, looking up he saw Kaitlyn approach. “It wasn’t rape”

“You or Anna?” he asked.

“Raeann” she said simple “He didn’t rape her”

“Aye I know that” Lar’s replied, “Never believed he did, but it’s getting Lord Vaux to believe it”

“No I mean… even if he did force it…. I studied Law at university… well if you can all the watered down version they teach to the women law, where only taught the law’s where needed to know to be good women, but I do know she can’t claim rape, neither of us can” she said sounding shaky.

“I dun understand why not?”

“Within the bounds of a habituated building, a woman can not call rape” Lar’s looked confused obviously not understanding “A man can not force himself upon a woman, because as far as the law is concerned, if he did and she where to scream someone would hear her and stop it before it took place”

Lar’s shook his head confused “what if no one was about?”

Kaitlyn shrugged “that’s part of being a lady. We should never put ourselves in to a position where we are alone without a man who isn’t our husband”

“Bah ridiculous” Lar’s protested, and then took a deep breath “ye didn’t scream… but it still happened, so how does that work”

“I know, we where both in a house full of guest’s… as far as the law is concerned, under the circumstances rape ‘could’ not happen”

“So what was it??” Lar’s asked, “as far as the law was concerned??”

“A woman disgracing herself” Kaitlyn replied, a few tears trickling down her cheek, “She should never put herself into that position, Orrick know’s that too… I wouldn’t worry, I’ll be surprise if Orrick doesn’t look to negotiate a deal “

“what kind of deal”

“Rape or consenting it makes no difference to Orrick now, im surprised Raeann doesn’t realise that, she’s spoiled good’s he’ll be looking to get rid of her”

“Rid of her how??”

“He’ll look to marry her off to Wolf, as far as Orrick will be concerned He spoiled her, she’s his problem now”

“Even if he’s thinkin it wer forced?” Lar’s asked in disbelief.

“You over estimate the value of women” Kaitlyn replied sadly, “don’t get me wrong Orrick cares for Raeann, and if Wolf wasn’t still willing to marry her you might have a problem, but as it stands I think he’ll use the situation to negotiate his way out of the dowry if he can, he’ll certainly try and reduce it”

“We where never carin about a dowry” Lar’s protested.

“Then you don’t have a problem” Kaitlyn replied hurrying from the room before Lar’s led his conversation to their own situation.

4 responses to “No Rape

  1. Don’t leave me hanging!

  2. stinksapsgreen

    Hm, I dunno if I can see Orrick being that cruel though…

  3. I can. Men in medieval times were pretty much like that. I mean look how much in love(read: lust) with both Mary and Anne Boleyn King Henry the VIII was and yet he turned his back on Mary and his only son for Anne, then raped and eventually beheaded Anne. (Just went and saw The Other Boleyn Girl with her sisters and is reading everything by Phillippa Gregory)
    Men were cruel masters then back then though there were the rare few that were kind. Rare being the keyword here. :/

  4. courtney(stinksapsgreen)

    Whoa! Don’t believe everything you see in that movie. Its my favorite, but its pretty historically inaccurate. Anne was not the elder sister, Mary was, for starters…
    I meant that I don’t see Orrick himself doing it, especially after marrying a merchant (or was Nicole a peasant?) woman. In my opinion, it wouldn’t fit with his character, unless he had a whole different side to him that has yet to come out….

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