But a Love Ye!!!

Raeann found Kaitlyn in the kitchen preparing breakfast the young woman looked tired and drawn, but was finally out of the mourning gown. Raeann didn’t pay too much heed to Kaitlyn’s frazzled appearance instead to wrapped up in her own misery.

She’d taken a hot bath and had thought about the situation, Being married to Wolf was indeed the only way to avoid the monastery, she’d known that when she visited his room last night, and even though she regretted acting so hastily she still knew it was still her only choice.

Now she was more upset because the buffoon had tricked her, tricked her into marrying him in some barbarian ceremony… she wasn’t going to get the fancy dress and magnificent wedding feast….. she hated him.


Kaitlyn finally broke the silence “I spoke to your father last night” she said sounding very sombre.

“What did he want???” Raeann snapped, “Try and get you to convince me to marry wolf I suppose??”

“Not at all” Kaitlyn replied, “To be honest he seemed quite concerned about you, asked me if I thought he was being unfair on you”

“What did you say??” Raeann asked.


Kaitlyn shrugged “I told him that I didn’t think you have the right temperament for the monastery and that I didn’t think you should be forced into marriage. ”

“Oh….” Raeann replied, “I thought you, wanted me to marry Wolf”

“I just want you happy” Kaitlyn replied sadly “anyway you father said he’d still send the runner, but if you wanted to go home he’d let you”

“What do you mean go home?!?!?” Reaenn gasped, “you mean I wouldn’t need to become a nun I could stay at home with Chris??”

“Yes, that’s what he said anyway”

Raeann’s heart sank “Wonderful… now he tell me”

“I think you should go” Kaitlyn whispered, “Get away from here… I don’t think it’s going to be as nice here as I thought”

Raeann nodded her face now as white as Kaitlyn’s, turning she headed back out of the room, heading directly to Wolf’s room.

“Hey Darlin” he beamed as she entered. However the smile quickly left his face, while she glared at him.

“We can’t tell anyone” she growled keeping her voice low, “About last night… no-one must know”
“What??” he replied not quite understanding “but were married im surin people are gonna guess”

“No we are not!!” she growled “Im not accepting some barbarian ritual as consummation of wedding vows, there was no priest, no blessing and therefore no wedding as far as Im concerned ”


“Ann you’re all worked up, I told ya ill take ye to the…. Church.. if that’s what your wantin we can git it all done proper by your customs”

“No I don’t want too…. my fathers sending a runner.. Im going to return to his estate… Im not being your wife…” she hissed “EVER!!”

“Ann what’s gotten into yer?? last night yer said you wanted to be ma wife… I understandin yer didn’t know out customs didn’t realise that I already am conciderin yer me wife… but we can get it fixed, ill take ya to the church…. do whatever yer needing, just tell me what and I’ll do it”.

“I don’t want to marry you” she hissed, “I thought it was my only choice…. but my father he said I can go home…. don’t you understand I don’t want to be your wife”


Wolfs face went from panicked to white as a sheet, as he suddenly felt his heart get ripped out. “but Ann I love ye…” he mumbled.

“No you don’t” she growled “you have to promise not to tell anyone about last night, do you understand???”

“No I don’t, yer ma wife… maybe not by yer customs but yer are by mine, and im not about to let ye run run out on me” wolf replied “did last night mean nothing to ye?? Did ya not enjoy it??”

“No I didn’t” she lied “now promise you won’t tell anyone.”

“No” he replied.


“What do ye mean no??” she growled.

“Ye came to me, accepted me… told me you wanted to be me wife.. Even if ye didn’t understand the customs ye knew I planned to be yer husband, and ye lay wit me of yer own willin…. Im not lying about it.. Telling people it didn’t happen”

“You have too” she begged, “don’t you understand no other man will look at me if they know I’ve been soiled”

“Good!!” wolf replied, “I dun want another man looking at ya”

“Your going to ruin my life” she sobbed.

“No am not” wolf replied “Ye can have a perfectly good life here wit me, as ma wife where’s ya belong”
Raeann growled in frustration “I hate you” she hissed “if you tell anyone about last night, I’ll tell them your forced yourself on me… I’ll tell them I had no choice”

“Fine!! Tell them all ye want, but I aint lying”

“My father will take your head for this” she growled, storming from the room.

2 responses to “But a Love Ye!!!

  1. courtney(stinksapsgreen)

    I bet she ends up pregnant

  2. Yup! I think so too. And the baby turns out to be like him as well. lol This is gonna be fun to read. :D

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