A Consenting Joining

Kaitlyn was still in the main living area with baby Alistair when Lar’s entered the cabin, he’d left during the night ashamed of his actions he’d feared facing her but as the morning had wore on he knew it was only a matter of time before he had to return.


“Mornin” he said, nervously approaching her, “We need to talk”

Kaitlyn, hurriedly dropped what she was doing the fear and hurt strongly evident in her face, tear already gushing down her cheek’s “there’s nothing to talk” about she mumbled scooping up baby Alistair in her arms.

“Kait der is an I need to be explainin… I’m sorry”

“Apology accepted” she replied softly trying to exit the room as fast as possible..

“No Kait.. Please listen to me” he begged, reaching out for her as she darted past him.

She cringed as his hand landed on her shoulder, almost dropping the toddler in the process. Lar’s heart sank as he realised all the trust she had in him was gone, and only fear and pain remained.

“The baby needs changing” she mumbled, pulling out of his grip she ran off up the stairs to the relative sanctuary of her bedroom. Closing the door quickly behind her she lent heavily against is “it’s going to be ok” she whispered gently bouncing the young boy.


Then looking up she saw the bed, that bed.. The bed where everything had happened… hurrying passed she headed towards the small side room where Alistair’s slept but just as she reached the door she heard Lar’s enter the room.

“Kait please” Lar’s begged, his own face strained he forced back his own tear’s. “A didn’t mean ter hurt ya.. I didn’t plan it”

“It’s ok” she whispered without even turning to face him.

“No is not, it was a terrible thing that I did to yer…I know yer not gonna forgive me, I just wanted to know that there is nothing in this world I care for more than ye and I can’t ever be forgiven ma self for doin what I did ”

“It’s ok…” she whispered, “where married now, we’ll move on”

“that didn’t marry us” Lar’s mumbled “marriage can’t be forced, ye didn’t accept me… I just took from ye”

Kaitlyn nodded “well id rather, it had….” she replied, “Lets just assume were married and get on with it”

“No Kait we can’t be doing that” Lar’s protested, not understanding.

“Why not?” she asked, still unable to look at him.

“A joining has to be consenting” Lar’s reasoned, “We can’t just pretend it was”


“Fine!!” she replied sounding the most determined of the entire conversation “let me change the baby and put him down for his nap and you can take me consentingly”

“Pardon!!??” Lar’s exclaimed he’d been sure his marriage plans had been totally dashed and really wasn’t sure what was happening.

“You heard me” she replied, her voice still sounding terrified, she looked at him with cold eye’s.

4 responses to “A Consenting Joining

  1. stinksapsgreen

    Hm…..Poor Kait.

  2. remember what I said about the fan?
    Keep updating, you have me dangling here!

  3. Must say it’s nice to come back to so many updates and it’s definately interesting. Wonders if the ACR has anything to do with all this.

  4. Oh my… she’s gotta be in shock or something. Poor Kait she’s been through so much lately.. :(

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