Wat did i do?

Raeanne sulked in her room after sending wolf away, she’d listened as Kaitlyn and Lar’s had their encounter and had relaxed when Lar’s had been sent away. At least Kaitlyn was having as much difficulty accepting the situation as she was.

About 5 minutes after things had gone quiet there was a solid knocking at the door, standing she headed to the door finding her father on the other side she sighed heavily leaving the door ajar she stomped over the couch throwing herself into it heavily.

Orrick moved towards her taking a seat beside her, ” So…..” he began “Is it your intention to send away every suitor I arrange for you?”

“All two??”she replied sulkily.

“Raeann Im not sure what to do with you? You’ve had plenty of opportunity to find someone for yourself, Im not an unreasonable man but we can’t continue like this”


“So I should be forced into marriage?” she replied.

“Not at all” Orrick replied, “I’m not forcing you into anything, but we do need to decide what’s going on from here, just be grateful Im allowing you to be involved”

“Can’t I just stay here??” she replied.

“No” Orrick replied, “You’ve been Kaitlyn’s companion quite long enough, when she marry’s Lar’s you wont be needed, Lar’s can’t be expected to support an extra woman”

“Then I’ll come home??!!” she replied “I can help you with the girls, stay as Maegan’s companion when she marry’s Chris”

“No that won’t do” Orrick replied, “We have enough help at the house, besides you’ll be far too old to be Meagan’s companion”

“Why do I get the feeling you’ve already made a decision??” Raeann sulked.

“Raeann don’t blame me for this” Orrick snapped “you have had opportunity’s, Wolf says you have bar of him, that’s fine Im not forcing you into this like Henry’s doing with Kaitlyn, you have two choices Wolf or the monastery”

“You consider that a choice??? ” she gasped.

“Yes it is a choice” Orrick replied “it might not be a good choice, but it is a choice… give me any other options?? I’ll listen but Raeann the truth is I don’t know what else to do I need to make sure you’re taken care of”

“Isn’t there anyone else??? ” she whined, “There has to be another option”

“Your already older than all of the single noblemen,” Orrick replied, “I could look at the lower class’s if that would make you feel better??”

“NO!!!” Raeann exclaimed, “I don’t want to live in some hovel like Daria”


“Your sister hardly lives in a hovel” Orrick snapped getting very fed up of his daughters dramatics’ “Coles doing very well for them”

“This is sooooo unfair ” she whined “my choices are marrying a brute living in this hovel or living as a nun… and that’s even worse, they live in some damp cold, monastery they don’t even have adequate heating”

Orrick looked around the room, a room that was far from the hovel she described, plush fur’s lay heaped next to the bed, for keeping out the cold, Delicately embroidered bedspreads and curtains, and fine tapestry’s hung from the wall’s next to the roaring fire. “You call this a hovel?” Orrick replied highly irritated “your more spoiled than I thought, perhaps that young man out there is too good for you, I think living a simple life at the monastery would be good for you, perhaps a little modest living would teach you how lucky you have been”.

“No please father, you can’t … I’ll marry Wolf, if that’s what you want”

“This isn’t about what I want” Orrick replied, “I just need to know you’re provided for, am I such a bad father for wanting to see my daughter settled??”

“No I guess not” Raeann sulked.

“Good” Orrick replied “Think about it carefully, Wolf isn’t a bad man, he’s willing to take care of you, and I think he genuinely cares for you…. there’s a lot to be said for that many girls are not so lucky” Raeann nodded glumly, and after giving her a reassuring kiss on the top of her head her headed towards the door, pausing just as he reached it “I’ll send a runner in a week let me know what you decide, But Raeann if you choose to stay you must be willing to be a good wife for him”

Raeann watched as her father left the room, pulling her knee’s up under her chin she rocked back and forth deep in thought. Finally she decided that perhaps her father was right, perhaps Wolf wouldn’t be so bad, standing she sulkily made her way back to the party looking for Wolf.


Not finding him she headed out into the back yard, she stood stunned. Wolf sat on the small bench at the back of the cabin, curled up in his arms sat a young teenage girl Raeann didn’t recognise. “WHAT!!!!…. you couldn’t wait to replace me!!” she roared.

Wolf looked stunned “What on earth are ye talking, about??”

“Her!!!” she said pointing at the young girl.

“She’s cold” he explained, plainly.

“Couldn’t you find a blanket??” Raeann screamed. “Or perhaps….. No I don’t need to hear it” she said storming off towards the lake.

Wolf sighed, “Bloody women” he grumbled. “What was that all about?”

Persia shrugged, “I think she was jealous”

“Bah” Wolf growled, “she was slappin me an hour ago”

“You gonna go after her??”

“Dun see why I should” he grumbled. “Not doing nothing..just keeping yas warm”

“I know” Persia giggled “but perhaps you should explain Im your cousin at least.”

“Dun see why a shold be explainin anything, she dun want meh anyway”


“I know” Persia smiled “but isn’t she heading towards the lake Kaitlyn fell in?”

“Bah!!! ” Wolf cursed, standing he headed out into the woods after her.

5 responses to “Wat did i do?

  1. Wow, this is so like one of my romance novels. Have you been reading any kathleen E. Woodiwiss lately? I swear they kind of remind me of my favorite from her, Shanna. ;)

  2. I must say that part where she said she was his cousin was pretty funny. Although I’m in a good mood and I take joy in little things when I’m in a good mood. Although I kind of thought they might be related since Wolfs so nice.

    And she’s spoiled but I still think they’re cute.

  3. I agree, this is a very funny Romance going on here, only thing i can say in defence of Raeann is shes not as bad as jaedyn, well nobody is as bad as Jaedyn i’de even bed down with the blood suckin murdering Risa than spend an hour with Jaedyn.

  4. stinksapsgreen

    Lol wolf ya dummy! Heh.

  5. I think Jaedyn might have been able to get better though if she wasn’t attacked by, ah can’t remember his name, but she might have gotten better if it wasn’t for all that, and then Daisy came and managed to get pregnant. She wasn’t stable to begin with of course, but I don’t know, I still feel for her.

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