No Good Can Come of It

The feast was in full swing and for most the party was going well, King Henry was in attendance of course milling quite happily between the broad array of people attending the celebrations. Four people however where not enjoying things and they where the four for whom the feast was for.

During Lar’s announcement of intentions Kaitlyn had sat glaring. However during Wolf’s speech Raeann had not only glared but had stood mid flow, screamed at him that she would never marry him in front of the entire gathering and had stormed off to her room.

Both men now stood, tankard’s of ale in hand out the back with the wolves. “At least Kait didn’t scream at you” Wolf joked.

Lar’s managed half a smile, “I think the silence is worse” he grumbled “never was much good at lying, shulda known she wouldn’t believe me

“Aye tis a shame” Wolf agree’ed “I think she was really warmin to ya, why not tell her the truth?” he suggested.

Suddenly the Fanglor the male wolf’s ears pricked up and he ommited a low growl aimed distinctly at Wolf.

“Shush now Fanglor, he’s only a boy” he scolded “ye know better than that Wolf, tis forbidden”.

“Aye I know that” wolf replied “But surin there exceptions?? after all her husbands one O’them and he’s after her an all… surin she’s better knowin?? ”

“Der ye really think she’d be belivin me if a told her where we where? it’s not as if we can prove it much… shroud tis there protectin her from the truth, look at yer young Raeann I walked past her right as day, mid way between man and battle form all she’s got her focus on tis that I were nekkid, she didn’t ye even notice I were hairy, and 9ft tall. ”

Wolf nodded resigned, “it was often difficult to prove to human’s the truth of things, when the shroud got involved, she’d prolly just think yer where crazy ” He said turning to Fang “Ye dunno how easy you got it, yer mate’s got a brain the size of a pea”

Fang growled again, this time baring he teeth, at Wolf “Boy, it’s not good to insult yer elder’s missus ” Lar’s chuckled
“He might take ya down a peg or two

“Am sorry” wolf protested “But its true I bet she ask’s a hell of a lot less questions” he said looking at the female wolf who say sunning herself in the last of the day’s light.

“bah well ye chose Raeann lad, I ain’t stopping ya pickin a wolf if ya think she’d ask ya less questions” Lar’s chuckled.

Wolf sighed “Fur drives me mad” he grumbled. “Still not happy in lupis form”

“Yer young” Lar’s smiled patting his son on the shoulder “Ye’ll get used to it. Truth is where all happiest in the form we where born it, Fang was born wolf, ye where born man, that’s just the way of it”.

“It would be bloody easier I we could take wives that where the same as us” Wolf complained ” wouldn’t need to lie to them then”

“Aye lad, but we know’s what happens when we mate with our own” Lar’s replied “No good comes of it, look at poor Janis, deformed and sterile… No lad, No good come of it, anyway let’s git back ter the party beforin they think we’ve run off.

2 responses to “No Good Can Come of It

  1. ok who is Janis?
    The name sounds familiar but I can’t recall why. :/

  2. I don’t recognize the name at all. Hmm, definately interesting but I don’t really have anything I want to comment on.

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