The Morning After

Kaitlyn stirred, she could feel the warmth of the sun on her face but was unwilling to open her eye’s and acknowledge the day just yet. Her whole body ached, as she struggled to remember what had happened during the night.

Next to her she could feel Lar’s form, close enough she could feel his presence, the heat of his body but not close enough that he actually touched her. She had to admit it was nice to walk up next to someone; it had been almost 4 years since Alistair had gone and although she’d now spent as long alone as she had as his wife, she’d missed the companionship.

Kaitlyn had always tried to present herself as a fiercely independent woman, but in truth she needed the security of a man more than most women. As she lay their Lar’s grunted moving in his sleep he put his arm around her waist. Kaitlyn froze, waiting he didn’t seem to move again just lay there holding her.

What had happened the night before? She remembered talking with Lar’s, even crying on his shoulder and falling asleep in his arm’s, but she’d been dressed then. How had she ended up in her nightgown, lying beside him?

She waited for a while hoping he’d shift again releasing her, but after several minutes he’d made no move. Looking over towards Lar’s his bare chest visible above the line of the blankets, how is it they’d both gotten to this state of undress?? Panic rising, could it be that she accepted him into her bed last night, and just didn’t remember??

Don’t be silly she told herself while she struggled to remember what had happened. To scared and confused to get out of bed in case she accidentally woke him; she couldn’t bare to face him if something had gone on between them she couldn’t remember.

She lay their trying desperately to make sense of her muddled memories; she remembered being wet, cold … why was she wet? And did that explain why her fingers stung?

Glancing around the room she looked for something that might give her a clue as to what had happened the night before, spotting the towel’s and blankets discarded on the floor she stared at them confused unable to remember anything more than a blur.

Lar’s stirred, she froze staring praying he wouldn’t wake her hear sinking when he opened his eye’s “Mornin” he smiled, quickly realizing where his arm and hand where he withdrew it.

Kaitlyn nodded nervously “what happened??” she asked afraid of the answer.

One response to “The Morning After

  1. Hmm…, so much for finding out her reaction. I kind of wanted her to remember but I can see why it would be good story line wise for her not too, leaves more room to play around with later.

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