Warming slowely.

Lar’s scooping up Kaitlyn in his arms, she’d stopped shivering now. Unconscious her body had given up the fight to keep the young woman warm. Holding her close Lar’s ran back to the cabin without even bothering turning back into human form.

Blasting though the front door he ran, straight passed Raeann and Wolf, Kaitlyn still in his arms up towards the bedroom.

Launching Kaitlyn on the bed, it was only when he moved to try and strip the soaked and frozen gown from her, his clawed hands fumbling with the delicate fastenings he shifted back fully into the form of a man.

“What’s going on??” Raeann yelled, entering the bedroom to find a now naked Lar’s trying to strip the princess.

Lar’s glared towards her, “I need to git these clothes or ere” he growled managing to loosen the corset.

“Then I’ll do it” Raeann demanded not taking he eye’s off the naked man for a moment. “Its not right, you doing it and why are you naked??”

“No time to talk” Lar’s growled ” if ye want to help, git me towels and firewood for the fire” he replied nodding towards the dying embers in the fire.

Raeann looked indignant “you get the firewood, I’ll see to her”.

Lar’s looked up glaring hard “I’ll deal with her, now GIT!” he roared, causing Raeann to almost fall over herself running for the door straight into the arms of Wolf.

“It’s ok” Wolf comforted her trying to guide the young woman back down the stairs “He knows how ta take care of ere”

“But… but why is he naked?” Raeann protested, “it’s not right”.

“Shssssh now, am surin there’s a good reason” wolf replied.

Meanwhile inside the room Lar’s had stripped Kaitlyn completely, she’d been soaked to the skin and all of the many-layered fineries that where normal for a noblewoman just kept the cold close to her.

Once she was naked, he laid her on the bed and pulled the blankets over her while he stoked the fire. Once it was blazing again he opened the bedroom door “Where’s me wood” he roared.

Returning to the bed, he pulled the blankets off and laid them on the floor. Scooping up Kaitlyn again he laid her on the blankets in front of the fire, bed’s and Blankets are all well and good when there was warmth to trap between the layers but Kaitlyn’s frozen body had little in the way of heat.

Settling himself down beside her he pulled her up between his legs resting her against his chest, allowing her to use his heat to slowly warm her.

A few minutes passed and Lar’s gently massaged warmth back into her body, paying special attention to her fingers and toes.

A gentle knocking at the door was the only thing to make him pause, grabbing a blanket he threw it over them both before called for who ever it was to enter. Wolf entered the room holding a bundle of firewood, settling it down next to the fire he began to build the fire up. “What happened?” he asked.

“Siren” Lar’s replied as though that answered everything and wolf nodded understanding.

“is she going to be ok?” Wolf asked motioning towards the still unconscious Kaitlyn.

“She’ll be fine lad” Lar’s replied using a towel to rub her hair dry, colour was already returning to her cheek’s “not sure how Im gonna explain Alistair though”

“The shroud will cover most of it” Wolf reasoned.

“Aye perhaps, shroud will hide his true nature. It won’t hide that he was here and is posed to be dead, perhaps we can convince her it was a dream, did Raeann see anything?”

Wolf shook his head “she heard a commotion a scuffle, and saw Kaitlyn run out of the door she doesn’t really know anything”

Lar’s nodded “dun’t worry lad, I’ll think a somethin”

Wolf nodded, standing his left the room, leaving his father to deal with Kaitlyn. Once Wolf left the room, Lar’s removed the blanket allowing the fires heat to to the work, several hours passed and Kaitlyn slept in Lar’s arm’s.

It was early morning, sometime before dawn when Lar’s finally slipped a nightgown over Kaitlyns head and gently laid her on the bed. Exhausted he found some clothes of his own in his bedroom, before heading back and climbing into the bed next to the young woman, unwilling just yet to leave her unattended.

3 responses to “Warming slowely.

  1. Hmmmmm i seem to have disabled comments by accident

    sorry, re-activated now.. :D

  2. How many enemies does the little kingdom have lol, if they’re not careful they could get trapped between two unstoppable forces

  3. Well not much happening but she seems to be recovering. And poor Raeann. Not a clue what’s going on as Lars is naked stripping Kaitlynn.

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