Stand Off

Lar’s rolled his neck and shoulders the transformation complete the bones cracked settling into position. The already huge man seemed much bigger and more imposing. His features and shape somewhere between man and beast.

A large wolf like head rested on powerful shoulders, His body still remained humanoid, though his clothes now ripped to shred’s from the transformation lay strewn on the ice, and thick white and grey hair covered his body. His arms and legs seemed too large for his torso, rippling with muscle he moved toward Alistair.

Alistair froze as the beast reached down to him picking him up in powerfully clawed hands, unable to shake the fear it was unlike anything the prince had felt before, even faced with demons he’s always managed to retain his wit’s, but this creature radiated power and strength Alistair had only witness once before…….

Suddenly just as Lar’s raised the young prince above his head, there was a call from across the lake. “Karogar!!!” it yelled.

Both Lar’s and Alistair turned to the sound of the voice, Siren the Vampire that had taken Alistair in, stood across the glacier lake. Lar’s roared in frustration throwing the prince to the ice he stalked towards the woman.

She waited for him calmly, surveying the situation. “What’s going on here she demanded”

Karogar let out a long deep howl that vibrated across the mountains, pausing waited a moment before howling again.

“Karogar!!” she snapped “Let us talk about this”. Alistair watched from his position on the lake as Siren and Lar’s stared hard at each other.

Siren seemed irritated and Alistair knew he was in big trouble, she’d made it quite clear she would teach him the ways of the vampire but she’d also made it clear he was to be considered a child by her people and that her orders must not be disobeyed.

The Vampires had a society-hidden beneath that of mortal man, secrecy kept them safe and their laws where harsh. Alistair had gone against her wishes coming her looking for Kaitlyn, in fact she’d implicitly forbidden him from seeking her out.

Watching now he realised why. The two supernatural creatures weighing each other up, despite her open confident Alistair had already seen enough of her to know that if she thought she could kill Lar’s he’d be dead already.

Alistair didn’t know much about what Lar’s was, he’d been taught a little over the last few months about vampire history and the world hidden from humans. However seeing him now in his bestial form Alistair didn’t doubt he was one of the Werewolf’s he’d been taught about.

He didn’t know much, but he knew they where mortal enemy’s to vampires and that vampires where wise enough for the most part to leave them alone. Werewolves had life spans longer than humans but they where still essentially mortal. However like Vampires they where exceptionally hard to kill which often made them seem invincible.

He’d been taught that even a young werewolf would kill him with ease, Alistair was just coming into his power and although he was already faster, stronger and tougher than a human he was still weak in comparison to other vampires as he had still not learnt any of tricks that made them truly powerful and siren told him that could take years.

However despite the fact that werewolf’s started there existence stronger than vampires they where not able to kill off the vampire population, because they where essentially immortal a vampire could continue gaining power long after his werewolf counterpart was dead gaining power and strength few werewolves dreamed of.

Watching now Alistair witnessed a standoff, both parties eyed each other up carefully hatred drawn on both their faces, but there was an uncertainty in both of them.. If they fought neither was sure who’d win.

“Well” Siren barked “Are you willing to talk or not?? I don’t think your girl there will survive much longer in the cold”

Both Lar’s and Alistair span towards where Kaitlyn lay soaked though to the skin, shaking uncontrollably on the ice. In the heat of things both had forgotten she still lay there freezing.

Lar’s Howled again, still walking towards her, he shifted again, not back to a human form, half way his features still vaguely canine he growled “your boy attacked my pack”

Siren nodded “I’m sorry” she replied “I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again, he’s young he’ll learn”.

“I didn’t know ye where ere, I moved to git away from the likes of you”.

“We’ve been here a while” she replied “there is another sect here, a renegade called Risa, where trying to get to the bottom of it”.

Lar’s growled, “Blasted, Kindred always with ya wars, can ye never live in peace, or does ye have no control over ye blood”

“Where trying” She replied ” But we’ve had this conversation before Lar’s. I see no point trying to explain the difference between us and them, just know if they win then all your precious humans become no better than cattle”.

“Bah to the likes of ye they are already no better than cattle”.

“And what of you Lar’s is she your new bitch??” Siren replied sarcastically “Planning on siring more pups where you?? I don’t suppose you intended on telling her”

Lar’s growled stalking forwards, “Ye no good blood sucking…………”

Siren took a uncomfortable step backwards “So” she interrupted “Can I have my boy back? We’ll agree to disagree… you take her I’ll take him and we’ll call it even”.

“Bah get away wit ya!” Lar’s growled slapping the air with cruel looking claws; he stalked back towards where Kaitlyn lay.

“Alistair COME!!!!” Siren commanded, and Alistair found himself running uncontrollably to her side.

5 responses to “Stand Off

  1. Wow…I mean wow.
    I wonder how Kaitlynn will react.
    Actually I have a bit of a feeling.
    This is too ogood. I can’t wait to see what happens next.{^_^}

  2. Wow…I mean wow.
    I wonder how Kaitlynn will react.
    Actually I have a bit of a feeling.
    This is too good. I can’t wait to see what happens next.{^_^}

  3. courtney(stinksapsgreen)

    heh. wow.

  4. Thats a twist intersting to see what happens next

  5. That definately makes things more interesting, can’t say I say that one coming at all. Time to hopefully see how Kaitlynn reacts.

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