One Wolf too many

As Kaitlyn ducked beneath the icy water for the second time she reached out grabbing at the ice, she desperately clung on and came up gasping, and spluttering desperately trying to expel the cold water from her lungs.

Lar’s growled looking from her to Alistair weighing up the options he sprinted towards the young woman. He’d gotten about half way across the lake, when Alistair came crashing into him sending him flying across the ice.

“Durn ye” Lar’s growled, wrestling the young prince to the ground “I’d kill ye now if I had me way, but that young lass ain’t ever gonna forgive me, if a do that”.

“You stole her from me” Alistair screamed lashing out wildly, unable to comprehend why he was unable to push the brute off him, knowing no mortal man could match his natural strength.

“Ney” Lar’s roared back, “it was ye who was stolen away by those made ya, but I can’t be helping that. Now pack it in before we both lose her” he said launching Alistair across the ice.

Picking himself up Lar’s ran to the hole in the ice where Kaitlyn had fallen in, looking in horror as she was no-where to be seen.

Gazing into the blackness of the lake he caught a glimpse of something floating just benieth the surface reaching into the freezing water he caught hold of the back of Kaitlyn’s dress, hauling her up onto the ice she lay motionless.

Panic building, he gently shook her breathing a sigh of relief, as the young woman began to splutter, bringing up what seemed like half the lake. “Good Girl” he whispered.

Suddenly he was sent flying again, as Alistair bowled into him yet again, this time when Lar’s recovered, Alistair stood over him holding the warriors own sword, “Get away from her” Alistair demanded.

“Lad ye don’t want to be playing with that” Lar’s replied calmly motioning towards the sword “I’d put it down if I were ye”

Alistair glanced downward horrified to see his hands gently hissing smoke billowing from his burning flesh, with all the adrenaline his didn’t even notice the pain.

Alistair swung out wildly catching Lar’s painful in the arm with the blade Lar’s grunted as the blade bite hard into flesh and bone, but it was Alistair than appeared horrified as he watched the wound heal as quickly as it was made.

Lar’s stood, thundering towards Alistair his patience running out “Ye can’t hurt me with me own blade boy” he said catching the blade in his vice like grip his tore it from Alistairs grasp sending it hurtling across the ice.

Alistair back-pedalled as quickly as he could watching terrified as the man before him grow in size taking on a distinctly more feral and wolf like appearance.

5 responses to “One Wolf too many

  1. courtney(stinksapsgreen)

    OH! Does Henry know, I wonder?

  2. ooh this story just keeps getting better

  3. OMG this is fantastic even with no pictures!!!!!

  4. Yea good story line….looks like AListair has bitten off more than he can chew hehe

  5. I’m wondering if Henry knows as well. And what is Kaitlyn going to think. She has to pick between a vampire or wolf.

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