Thin Ice

Kaitlyn slept peacefully unaware as the figure climbed into the room though the bedroom window, his hands burnt though he didn’t know why, looking at the powdery residue that ate at his skin he wiping them on his tunic and turned his attention to the focus of his mission.

Alistair sat carefully on the bed; staring at his wife he softly brushed the hair off her face. Tracing the outline of her jaw with his finger he growled “why? he whispered “why have you forgotten me”.

As he sat watching, there was a noise behind him, spinning her saw a large blond man he didn’t recognise standing in the door way “Time fer ye ta go” Wolf growled “ye won’t be finding ya dinner here”

Alistair stood backing off towards the window, but Wolf cut him off swinging out wide with his sword “She was mine before his” Alistair replied calmly, he was confident, he’d fought demons and humans alike in his new state and although he was still getting used to his new power most men still didn’t stand a chance.

Siren had taught him about his strengths and his weakness’s kindred were hard to kill it was doubtful this young man had the strength to piece his skin never mind cause him harm. “git away” Wolf growled “this is not the place fer yer kind”.


“she’s mine….” Alistair snarled ” I want her”.

As they spoke Kaitlyn stirred, at first she struggled to adjust to the light, but quickly the look on her face turned to horror as she recognised Alistair and let out a piercing scream.

Alistair rushed to her side, hauling her up he held her close, half in an embrace to try and calm her, half protectively using her to block him and the blond mans sword. “shuuush” he whispered “its ok, come with me we can be together”

“Together” wolf growled “I’m guessin you’re her husband, yer not quite as dead as we thought, so whats yer plan young prince? Make her like you?? Damn her to a life of darkness away from her wee ones?”

“Stay away” Alistair commanded backing off “im takin her with me, I won’t leave her”

“Yer gitin awful close ter that window” wolf replied “Yer young lass can’t jump that far the only way out is though me, and I ai’t planning on stepin aside, so why dun’t you let go of her… she’s scared, and me and thee can deal with this like men outside”.


Alistair looked at Kaitlyn she looked petrified, he’d taken on more of his nature since she’d last seen him, nodding he let go, and she bolted for the door. As soon as Kaitlyn was out of the way Alistair launched at Wolf, knocking him flying into the wall.


Wolf recovered quickly launching an anvil like fist into Alistair’s jaw sending him reeling, the force of the blow was unreal and as Alistair picked himself up the floor and stood off against him Alistair suddenly realised young man before him was no more human than he was.

“What the!!!!” Alistair exclaimed as Wolf attacked him again this time with a sword that cut deeply into his arm with a hiss as his skin burnt ” what are you!!!!”

“Your worst nightmare” Wolf growled, a feral look in his eye.

Suddenly their fight was cut short with a slam of a door, they both span looking to the window as Kaitlyn could be seen running out into the night. Alistair leapt with a smash barrelling though the window he took up chase.

Wolf however headed downstairs where a panicked Raeann stood looking confused “what’s going on??” she cried.

“It’s ok” he said comfortingly ” he’s gone, did Kaitlyn say anythin??”

Raeann shook her head “she just ran out screaming, should I follow her”.

Wolf shook his head “Nar, I’ll get her” he replied heading to the door, just as lars arrived.

“Where’s Kaitlyn” Lar’s growled,

“She ran” wolf replied, “he came though the window”

Lar’s nodded ” Stay ere ” he running back out into the snow.

Kaitlyn ran, and ran, she didn’t know where she was going she just knew she had to get away. Suddenly there was a gush of wind and she felt herself flying forward landing face first in the snow.

Picking herself up she came face to face with Alistair “Please don’t hurt me” she whimpered.

“why!!!” Alistair growled, pushing her forcefully so she fell backwards in the snow “why have you forgotten me”.

“I haven’t forgotten you” she sobbed. “I love you”.

Picking her up again, he calmed “come with me then”.

Kaitlyn shook her head in disbelief, placing her hand on his cheek “your so cold” she’s whispered.

“come with me” he repeated.

Kaitlyn didn’t move, she didn’t speak, running her hand over his face the moonlight reflecting off the snow giving her enough light to examine his features, his skin cold and pale with almost a light of its own, a spider web of dark blue veins visible on his neck prominent canines visible.

“Come” he urged again, taking her hand he pulled her.

“No!!” she sobbed “I’m scared”.

“Come, I’ll take care of you” he promised.

“Kaitlyn” a voice boomed out of the bushes, a moment later Lar’s appeared “Come here Kait, let’s get you home”

Kaitlyn looked back and forth between the pair, Alistair glared hard at the man he recognised from the embrace he witness’s back at the cabin. “Come on” Alistair insisted.

“No” Kaitlyn shook her head “The baby he’s back at the house he needs me, he needs me”.

“I need you!!!” Alistair roared grabbing hold of her arm he began the drag her though the tree’s so fast her legs could barely keep up. Suddenly there was a whistle and a streak of black as an arrow embedded deep in Alistair’s neck, causing him to let go of her and howl in pain.

She broke away again, running as far as she could she sprinted to an open clearing in the tree’s. Too late she realised her mistake as the ground began to crack and brake revealing water just beneath the surface, she screamed one last time before she plunged into the freezing cold water.

5 responses to “Thin Ice

  1. courtney(stinksapsgreen)

    Ohh noooez! So what is Wolfe?

  2. Ooh vampires and werewolves I bet!!! This is getting good. Well, actually it was already good, now it’s getting! {^_^}

  3. All heating up at the oold cottage isn’t it

  4. I’m agreeing with newcornwell here. :)

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