Damn It

Kaitlyn lay on the bed in the arms of Lar’s, she knew it was wrong but somehow she felt safe, secure for the first time in months. A hundred things racing around her head, suddenly considering things she would not have contemplated a few short weeks ago.

If she refused Lar’s then Henry would seek another option, she knew most of the nobles in Grimstead and there was no options amongst them meaning she’d be married off below her class with no guarantee’s life would be comfortable for her or baby Alistair.¬†

Lar’s at least seemed a decent man, a little rough around the edges perhaps and his customs where strange but he made her feel safe and surely that was something, with these thoughts in her mind Kaitlyn drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

Lar’s lay holding Kaitlyn as the minutes passed, pleased at how well she’d taken the news of ceremony he’d half expected her to be horrified and he took the fact that she was now asleep in his arms a sign that perhaps she would accept him, perhaps not tomorrow after the feast but perhaps soon.

Suddenly his eye’s flicked open, gently lifting the sleeping woman off his chest he hurried to his feet and to the window, looking out into the gloom he saw nothing, but the hairs on the back of his neck told him it was there.

Rushing to the door he headed out into the hallway vaulting over the banister he landed heavily in the living room where Raeann and Wolf sat looking shocked by his sudden appearance.

Heading to the fireplace he pulled two swords from the mantle, launching one towards Wolf the younger man who was already on his feet caught in with ease. “They’re here” Lar’s growled.

Wolf nodded but remained silent as his father headed to the front door grabbing his bow and a quiver of arrows. “Stay here” Lar’s commanded, “Protect the women”. Slamming the door behind him he headed out into the snow.

Scanning the tree line he saw nothing, but he knew it was there, slowly he headed towards the dense underbrush, his feet crunching in the snow his bow drawn.

Not his usual class of arrow, no this warranted something special. Polished ebony shafts with raven feather fletching made the arrows gleam in the moonlight but that wasn’t what made these arrows special it was the blessed steel tips that made then perfect for hunting ones such as these.

A noise to his left caused him the spin, aiming high into the tree’s he saw the limb’s bend with the weight of an unseen foe. “Bah” he cursed “Why can’t they ever fight fair” ducking low he watched his opponents movements though the bend and sway of the tree’s.

His foe stopped, Lar’s knew which tree he was in but didn’t know where. Aiming his bow he waited for an indication, suddenly it came, with a rustle and a crisp thud his opponent landed leaving nothing but two perfect boot prints. Lar’s let his arrow fly it hit true with a yelp of pain it hit its target.

Lar’s took flight running towards where he could see his arrow as it danced apparently mid air, bowling into his enemy he pinned the invisible figure to the floor, feeling for it’s neck he held it still. “ye might as well show ya self” he growled ” yer party tricks ain’t no good ter ya now”

A figure suddenly came visible; it appeared human though its grossly disfigured face revealed its true nature. “Please… Please don’t kill me” it begged.

“That’s better” Lars growled watching as the creature squirmed the hissing arrow deeply embedded in its shoulder. Lars grabbed the arrow twisting it sharply, the creature squealed. “Now” he demanded “what exactly are ye doing in ma woods?”

“Argh” the creature squealed, “Please please….. don’t kill me”

Lar’s grabbed the arrow again pushing it deeper into the creatures shoulder causing it to scream in agony “Now we both know, ya gonna die… the question is how fast?”

“I came… I came to feed” the creature whimpered, “I’m sorry I didn’t know you where here”.

“Don’t Lie to me” Lar’s growled, pulling the arrow out of the creatures shoulder, he plunged it deeply into the creatures eye socket, watching as the creature writhed “Your warm that means you’ve fed recently, don’t take me for a fool because I can make this last for days”

“Ok ok” it squealed “Alistair made me show him where his girl was”.

“Alistair!!!!” Lar’s replied shocked “Kaitlyn’s husband??”

“Yes, yes… Kaitlyn’s ….. please don’t hurt me” the creature whined.

“He’s alive? Or one of you?” Lars demanded removing the arrow roughly.

“One of us” it whimpered.

“Blast it” he cursed ” Who is your elder?” Lar’s growled shaking the beast.

“I can’t tell you” it cried, but following a stern glare from Lar’s it whimpered feebly, “Siren, Siren leads us”.

Lar’s shook his head in disgust ” I would have thought she at least would have steered clear of stealing a young man from his family”

“We didn’t make him” the creature wailed, “The other side did, we just took him in”.

“Bah there’s to many sides in this damn war, your all the same…..where’s the boy now??

“The house” it sobbed “He’s gone to get Kaitlyn”

“Damn it” Lar’s growled, reaching for his sword, it took just one strike to separate the head of the creature from its body, and without pause Lar’s ran as fast as he could back to the cabin.

3 responses to “Damn It

  1. courtney(stinksapsgreen)


  2. Intrigue. I guess Lars knew all about them from his country. I guess more than one person knows he’s somewhat alive then, and aparently exactly what it is.

  3. {O_O}
    I hear the music in my head and then suddenly… cut to commercial break!

    Update soon, my heart is thumping in excitement.

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