Fond Memories.

Kaitlyn busied herself in the kitchen, the feast where Lar’s would propose was only a few days away and there was plenty that needed doing. It was strange it was easy to forget what all the preparation meant and she often found herself enjoying helping even though the idea of the feast it’s self filled her with dread.

It didn’t matter how many times Lar’s insisted this stage was just a formality and that it wouldn’t mean she was bound to him or bound to a promise to marry him she still felt somehow that she was betraying Alistair, something she felt more and more each day she spent with Lar’s especially when she realized that despite herself she quite liked the giant. He’d made no move to initiate a romantic relationship and for now he seemed content to become a friend.

It was a night Kaitlyn felt the most alone, two of her three children where now far away she’d not seen either of them for weeks and at night she couldn’t shake the feeling that Alistair was out there somewhere watching her.

But it was Raeann and Wolf that made her chuckle the most, they reminded her so much of her and Alistair at university, he trying so hard to impress her and her stomping on his every attempt to court her. Wolf was a buffoon, just as Alistair had been no clue what he was doing wrong but picking himself up and trying again not matter how obnoxious Raeann was to him and Kaitlyn suspected Raeann was warming to him despite herself too.

Suddenly a scream broke the silence, Kaitlyn rushed to the window to see Wolf and Raeann out on the porch, Wolf holding up a large dead Hare. Raeann Obviously disgusted by the sight throwing a tantrum and insisting that Wolf get the foul beast out of her sight. Kaitlyn chuckled as yet another blazing argument broke out between the pair.

Hearing a noise behind her Kaitlyn turned to see Lar’s approaching stopping just behind her he peered out over her shoulder and chuckled “at it agin I see”

Kaitlyn nodded “He should just kiss her and get it over with” she smiled, remembering fond memories of when Alistair kissed her without warning during one of their arguments back at university.

“I think he fears she’ll clobber him, if he tried”.

“I think he’d be surprised, that’s how I got my first kiss” she said sadly ” and I never forgot it”

“do yer think she likes him then?”

Kaitlyn nodded ” More than she’ll admit”.

“That’s good, Orrick’s give him permission to ask to be her husband at the feast”.

Kaitlyn chuckled “Oh goodness, she’s going to hate that in front of her friends and family, She’ll never agree, he’d have to tie her down I think”.

“Righty I’ll tell him to bring some rope then” Lar’s replied with a grin “what about you, you feeling abit better about it?”

Kaitlyn shrugged “I don’t know……..It just all feels wrong…. Im sorry. Maybe I’d feel better if I knew what the rest of the ceremony involved”

Lar’s smiled placing his hand on her shoulder ” don’t worry about it love, I promised to explain and I will…before the feast, so you know everything.”

“Why can’t you tell me now?” she asked.

Lar’s nodded to the door, as it swung open Raeann storming into the house and up the stairs Wolf following behind her he threw himself into a chair “Bah that lass is impossible” he growled.

One response to “Fond Memories.

  1. Well seems like things are moving along here. Although I would like to see what the feast involves as well. Seems like he’s trying to hide something.

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