Facing Off Against Father

Christopher settled in the chair opposite his father, “For what its worth, I’m sorry” he said ” I know your disappointed”.

Lynette raised her head slowly a disappointed look upon her face, “Why her?” she asked, “Is she just another conquest?? Of all the girls Christopher.. why her?”
 “I don’t know” he replied honestly ” I didn’t plan it, I swear I didn’t plan it… things just sort of happened”.

“There are a dozen girls in the village, I just don’t understand why you had to pick her?? I’ve known for a while she had a candle for you, I never once thought you’d be selfish enough to do this to her. After all she’s been though… she trusts men so little.. She can’t take to be treated like this”

“I know” Christopher replied “Really I don’t want to hurt her”

“What is she?” his mother asked “I mean is she just another of your conquest’s?? Or is there more going on than that?”

“I don’t know” he replied again ” I know I like her more than a should”

“How much?” she begged.

“I don’t know, I’ve had feelings towards her for a while, I knew she returned them. I didn’t plan to pursue is but I knew it wasn’t fair … then last night I guess with the drink.. things got …. Complicated

“your damn right they did” Orrick roared.

Christopher turned and returned his fathers glare ” im not sure what any of this has to do with you?” he asked Icily “My mother is obviously concerned about the well fair of her ward, However im not not sure why you think you have the right to be angry?”

Orrick paused a moment stunned by his sons reponse, “I have the right” he replied ” as long as you are the heir to this estate and for as long as what you do and who you do it with effects the standing of this family”

Christopher shook his head ” Good Lord, you’d think I’d murdered someone the way you go on, what happened is between me and Muirean, it’s hardly going to cause the downfall of the estate”

“It’s about reputation” Orrick growled “and the number of women you seem to get yourself involved with”

“I hardly think two women is excessive” Christopher scoffed, “I think rumours would be far worse if I didn’t entertain women at all”.

“If is has indeed been just two”

“And if it hasn’t I hardly see that is any of your business” Christopher replied “I can assure you im not the only nobleman to entertain the odd lady, the main difference is I don’t have a wife to upset in the process”.

“Hush now, both of you” Lynette interrupted before things got out of hand. “We are getting off the point” both men went silent. “Do you love her?” she asked.

Christopher stared at her, and then to his father. Orrick looked fit to explode his face red, he was tempted then just to say yes just to annoy his father further. Looking at his mothers face concern and worry drawn upon it he shook his head “No” he replied ” at least I don’t think so… I like her a lot and things where different perhaps…with time…  but no I don’t love her”.

“Good!!” Orrick interupted ” right then, are we agreed your not to see her again?”

Christopher looked at his mother who nodded sadly ” its for the best” she added.

Christopher sighed “yes I suppose”

“What am i going to do with you?” Orrick said sounding exasperated.

“what do you mean?? Do with me?? i’ve promised not to see Muirean again. Is that not enough?”

“No it isn’t, this problem might be over with but your activitys with women still needs addressing”.

“Addressing how?” Christopher replied sarcastically

“Well i’ve been thinking about it, and i think what you need is something to keep you occupied” Christopher raised an eyebrow “and I think” Orrick continued “what you need is some Discipline

Discipline??” Christopher mused ” and how exactly DO YOU plan to give me that??”

“i think a stint in the military should do?”

Christopher chuckled “Really?”

“Do you think it funny?” Orrick demanded.

 Christopher shrugged, “It gets me away from here i suppose” giving his mother an amused look as if he found the whole notion very funny, which infuriated Orrick even further.

“You won’t find it funny one you get there” Orrick fumed “We’ll see who’s laughing, and when you return”.

One response to “Facing Off Against Father

  1. Oh lord how funny is that hehe. Now they think something happened though it didn’t. Hilarious how very controlling some parents can be. I hope I don’t get that nuts when my kids become adults lol.

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