Digging Deeper

Having finished in a nice long hot bath Christopher headed downstairs, he’d seen his mothers coach arriving earlier that morning and had decided to give her time to explain the situation to his father before he interrupted.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t sorry for what had happened the previous night, he was it should never had gotten to the level it had however he was in no mood for grovelled apologise, he was sorry he’d upset his mother and things had occurred that shouldn’t have but he and Muireann where adults and what happened wasn’t really any of his mothers or fathers business.

Passing his fathers study he could hear the conversation raging, both his mother and father seemed very angry but for the most part it sounded like his father was trying too calm his mother down.

Heading to the dining room he found trying to eat breakfast while Brenna sat screaming and throwing food around. Nicole looked up from her plate and smiled.


Christopher nodded sitting beside her he waiting for the maid to notice his arrival and serve breakfast “I seems no-body’s in a good mood this morning” he laughed looking towards Brenna as she throw the bowl of remaining food to the ground with a clatter.

Nicole chuckled looking towards the baby and then back towards “Christopher how do you get yourself into these things, your mother is fuming”.

“Yeah I noticed” Christopher shrugged ” what do you think my fathers going to do?”


“Im not sure” Nicole replied softly ” Im not sure how to tell you this but …. I was in the village yesterday and someone mentioned that young Brittany had fallen pregnant” Christopher let out a deep sigh ” you didn’t have anything to do with it did you?” Nicole asked sounding concerned.

Christopher frowned “Probably” he admitted, ” does father know?”


Nicole shook her head, “Not yet, I thought with everything going on he could do without that on top”.

Christopher nodded thankfully “Don’t tell him” he pleaded, ” not yet, let me see her first”.

Now it was Nicole’s turn to frown” I don’t generally keep secrets from your father” she said.

Christopher nodded ” I know, just please.. Just till I see her”.


Nicole nodded rising from the table “Christopher you really need to get control of things, this is getting ridiculous”.

“I know” Christopher sighed “but what else am I to do?? Wait 9 years?”

“Perhaps” Nicole smiled comfortingly ” Or at least be more careful about your choices, there are girls further a field than your doorstep you know”.

Christopher nodded and watched as Nicole took the youngster from her imprisonment in the high chair and left the room.

After breakfast Christopher headed back towards his fathers study, he could still hear the heated discussion going on inside waiting for a moment he knocked loudly before entering.

Looking over at his mother she sat her eye’s red and puffy, dropping her gaze as he entered while his father simply glared. “I thought seeing as you where talking about me I should be invited” he said boldly taking a seat in the corner.

4 responses to “Digging Deeper

  1. courtney(stinksapsgreen)

    Duh Duh Duh Dunnnnn

  2. Hehe i like Christopher, he a nice guy and knows what he wants i just think hes gotten a little unlucky recently and got himself into trouble.

  3. I think Christopher is sweet and a good guy. He’d make a great husband but for Muireaan..? I don’t know. I hope some clarity comes to the situation. After all it was only there mother who saw them.

  4. Hmm…, not much to say yet. The best part isn’t until you update this one again. Probably be an interesting conversation.

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