Wedding Bells

The day passed all too quickly for Taye, there was a short ceremony in the local church which it seemed the young girl the whole village had turned out. In truth half of Grimstead turned out for her and Forrests wedding.

Taye had a simple and straightforward manner, an honesty and compassion people respected, and for every person who scorned her choices for re-marrying, there where two people who would jump to her defense and another 4 or 5 who secretly admired her ability to continue running the small fish shop without a husbands guidance, in a time where most women would have given into poverty and degradation.

Without even realizing it the young girl had become quite popular and people from all walks of life piled into the small chapel. Naturally Taye’s brothers and sisters where in attendance, even Kaiden left Dorothy’s bedside for the affair making the long trip down from the mountains to see his little sister married.

Bran and Abagail made the trip as did many of the solders from the barracks, most of whome just wanted to see Deonte dressed up to give Taye away to give them fuel for future torments, more than that actually wanted to see Forrests wedding.


Orion acted as best man, Forrest joked, it was fitting that the man most likely to get him killed, should be there to witness his wedding day, but in truth the pair become great friends since their trip to the mountains.


The simple but well turned out wedding proceeded flawlessly and it was followed by a simple spread back at the lake house, Clara spend the day grinning, happy to finally have her youngest daughter settled, it was like a huge blanket of worry had been lifted from the old woman.

Though celebrations since continued, Forrest and Taye retired for the night, Clara had give up her room to the couple, moving her own things into the smaller room that used to be the girls. Taye had fought furiously with the decision but Clara wouldn’t hear any of it saying the couple needed the space more than she.

Most of Forrest’s things where still back at the barracks as he would since need to spend a good deal of time stationed there while the paperwork went though for his transfer to the Beaumont Estate. He unpacked the few things he had with an amused expression, as Taye fretted about the bedroom, shuffling things back and forth. “Anyone would think you where nervous” he said finally.

“Don’t be silly” she replied ” im just straightening up.”

“It doesn’t need straightening” Forrest mused.

“Well im just waiting for you” she replied nervously.

Forrest chuckled, “im done” he said settling on the bed he began to pull off his boots.


Taye headed to the dresser pulling it open she stood staring at the clothes, looking over her shoulder she saw Forrest had finished slipping into the bed wearing nothing but his underwear, the deep red scar on his gut, still red and angry from his resent battle.

“Come on” he said grinning ” if you carry on like this I’ll be an old man before your lying here beside me”.

Looking back at the cupboard she shuffled though the clothing nervously, “I can’t find my nightgown” she complained, not so much worried for the missing garment but more because Forrest now sat attentively in the bed watching her making her suddenly feel very self conscious with no-where to hide.

Forrest grinned patting the bed beside him, “you don’t need it, we both know your not going to wearing it long anyway”. He chuckled as Taye flushed “Come on, its time I saw what ive bought into”.

Taye looked at him, “You can’t possibly expect me to just strip off?”


“Why not?”

Taye laughed nervously, suddenly wishing she’d dieted a little more before the wedding ” I couldn’t” she replied “I’d die of embarrassment”.

Forrest smiled “Taye theres nothing to be embarrassed about” he said climbing from the bed ” see im half naked and i dont care” he said strutting across the room.

Taye broke a chuckle “Oh lord!! she gasped rolling her eye’s, “well seeing as your half way there you might as well finish the job”.

“Oh no” he replied slipping his hand around her waist and pulling her to him ” not untill you at least get as far as i have” he said gently kissing her neak, he began to slowly unbutton the back of her dress. Her heart racing he smiled ” i dont know why your so nervous” he whispered ” you’ve been married before, you’ve probably done his more than i have”

Taye smiled nervously ” i wouldn’t bet on it”

The next morning Taye prepared Breakfast, the previous night had gone well, it had met with all her expectations and most of all she was sure Forrest had not noticed anything was amiss.

The house was still in a state of disarray after the previous nights festivity’s but it seemed the whole house had gone out to leave the couple alone on their first morning.

Placing a plate in front of Forrest he smiled towards her “thank you” he said chirply watching was she sat “so… no regrets then?” he asked.

“what about?”

“Marrying me?” he replied with a grin.

Taye shook her head “not yet, but there’s still time” she joked.

“why didn’t you tell me?” he asked.

“tell you what?”

“Last night, you bled” he replied matter of factly.

Tayes face flushed and her heart sank, she’d noticed the blood on the sheets this morning and had hoped she could wisk them away to wash them before he noticed “erm…”.

“I take it, it wasn’t your monthly?” he asked.

“No” she replied, feeling rather embarrassed.

Forrest nodded “I know you said your relationship with Albert wasn’t physical, i didn’t realize he was that much of a fool”.

“Are you angry?” she whispered.

Forrest shook his head, placing his hand on hers “No, i just wished you’d told me, i would have been gentler, i didn’t hurt you did i?”.

Taye shook her head “No not at all” she replied honestly.

The next few months passed in a burr, Forrest got his station on the Beaumont estate, which ment other than a few months a year he’d be at home with Taye and for the most part the couple where happy.

However each month as her monthly bleed got close, Taye would pray that this month would be the month it didn’t come, but for months it came and showed no sign of stopping.


It was almost 6 months after the wedding when finally her monthly bleed didn’t come, at first she didn’t tell Forrest but eventually as she became more certain she told him they where expecting their first child. Delivering a healthy baby girl that winter, they named the baby Clara after Tayes mother and finally Taye felt her life was complete.

6 responses to “Wedding Bells

  1. Yay! Congratulations to the happy couple. Not to seem shallow, but I want to see how their genetics will show up in baby Clara.

  2. lol your as bad as me, im always soo tempted to grow up my babys so i can see how they will turn out.

    I’ve done it a couple of times, but im trying not to be naughtie this time.

    I’m hoping for something interesting forrest was a townie and tayes father was a townie and they both have quite prominant features so theres a possibiblty for some interesting traits and tbh alot of my babys are starting to look the same.

  3. I know. I love seeing how the babies will turn out, especially when they have such different features and have so much townie blood.

    And glad to see everything worked out.

  4. courtney(stinksapsgreen)

    Yay for Taye!

  5. Wow, that was a great update. I’m so happy for Taye. The wedding night was quite tasteful. I’m still trying to figure out how to do mine. I wrote it out in a book but it’s quite…err…not for younger viewers lol. I have to make a pg one.
    I also wanna see what the baby is going to look like older. I don’t use townies in my game for anything though I do make them change there outfits. :)

  6. Yeah it’s always really hard to do the whole sex scene type thing and try and pull it off without well… having the readers go … EWWwwwww and as you say you never know who’s reading.

    Sometimes i worry that my story’s go to far into that sort of thing i know recently i looked though my “planned” storylines and saw a definate trend in that area… perhaps im just not getting enough at home :P

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