Yer Plot of Land

Lar’s sat in the lavishly decorated lounge, he wasn’t accustomed to surrounding’s such as these but King Henry had invited him specially and who was he to refuse royalty.

he stood, bowing clumsily as Henry entered the room, “Lar’s” Henry beamed,

Lar’s smiled uncomfortably “Yer highness”.

Henry strolled over embracing the large man, ” Please just call me Henry, How are you settling”.

“Am doing well thank you”. Lars answered.

“Good Im glad” Henry smiled “you know I could have given you something better if you’d wanted, your own land perhaps”.

Lar’s shook his head “Ye’v given me is quite enough”.

“Still I feel I could do more? Im sorry I haven’t seen you till now, life has been quite hectic about the castle the last few months”

“No bother” Lar’s replied ” I’ve settled well enough”.

“And how’s your father?” Henry asked.

Lar’s chuckled “Much the same as last time you saw him, I’m bettin”.

“Paranoid and delusional??”

Lar’s nodded “Indeed, which is how I found my way here, he believes Im going to try and steal his throne away from one of his more ‘legitimate’ children”.

Henry sighed “my brother was always a fool, and hows your mother?? It’s been years since I saw her?”

“She died last winter Im afraid”

Henry nodded “Im sorry to here that, she was a good woman”

“It was a cold winter and she was getting on in years it was to be expected”

Henry nodded again, swiftly changing the subject ” hows your cousin? he’s not been up here for a few weeks have you seen him?”

Lars smiled “Not since he bought Kaitlyn to the cabin, he’s pretty busy with the youngen’s you’ve got him chasin after”

“Yes its been a busy time for us all”

“I could hardly believe the change in him, that wife of his has beaten all the north man out of him” lar’s chuckled.

Henry broke into a broad grin “was there any in him to begin with?”

Lar’s smiled “Not much” he admitted, thinking back to his childhood, both Lar’s and Vince’s mothers had been sisters and both children had been sired during the invasions of their native homeland by King Cassius, Henrys father.

Vince’s father had been one of Cassius’s knights who after falling for the native girl had bought her home where they’d been married. However Lar’s father had been Henry’s brother who abandoned them both, throwing them back to the life of north men as soon as his wife had given birth to their first legitimate son.

“So” Henry said breaking Lar’s from his thoughts ” How’s it fairing with Kaitlyn?”

Lar’s chuckled ” it’s fine, she’s a fine girl, headstrong but I like it. You didn’t tell me that young Raeann was such a feisty one though, she causes my head far more pain”

“I never had any trouble with her” Henry admitted.

“Well its not me so much as me son” lar’s laughed ” she’s got him wound up so tight I think he’s fit to explode”

“Where is your son? I was hoping to meet him”

“He’s gone down ta Raeann’s fathers place, planning to ask permission to wed her by my reckoning”.

“Oh” Henry chuckled “when you said she was winding him up I didn’t think you meant like that”.

“Oh it’s not, not by her thinking anyway… but he’s got his mind set on her, and she’s got a job on her hands to dissuade him”.

“So what about your marriage plans how are they doing?”

“Good” Lar’s smiled, ” the feasts set for early spring, im not imaginin Kait’s gonna be ready be then, but at least things will be in place for when she is”

“That’s good” Henry nodded “the sooner the better”

“Yer lad must have been a good one, to have her mourn for him the way she does”

“Yes” Henry nodded sadly ” He was a good son”

“Thank ye for letting me marry her my way… I know the customs are different but me peoples traditions are important to me”

“No problem, if Kaitlyn feels she needs it I can arrange a Christian ceremony after the event”.

“Thank ye”

“So back to business” Henry smiled ” Are you sure I can’t interest you in some land of your own, I feel I should do more for my blood than a small cabin in the middle of no-where”

Lars shook his head “Nar…… I didn’t wanna be king back in me homeland, not that me father believed me, what makes ya think I want to be some pansy lord over here” he replied with a grin.

Henry chuckled at the large man most men would have fallen over themselves for land and a title, not Lars he was happy with a log cabin in the wood. “im going to have to at least tell Thomas of our ties, just in case. Will you agree to that at least”

Lars shrugged ” if ye feel the need, though by my reckonin about 20 people need to die before I become king of your plot of land, and unless you know of a conspiracy planned to kill off ye family on mass I think it’s a bit pointless”.

7 responses to “Yer Plot of Land

  1. courtney(stinksapsgreen)

    Oooooooo interesting!

  2. How far away is spring? Hopefully not soon, so that Alistair can come and kill Lars. He’s not a bad guy, in fact, he’s so nice that I hate him.

  3. Gosh your so blood thirsty Delilah

  4. Hehe you never know he could end up being Lars Vampire Slayer!! but if Alistair has half a brain he’ll let Kait find a little happiness rather than destroy a good man.

  5. Thanks. :) I try to suppress these feelings, but sometimes they’re so strong I can’t help it. But it would be nice for Kaitlyn to be happy again. Maybe it’s better if he doesn’t show up.

  6. I want Kaityn and Alistair to be together again. :(
    This is like in Charmed where Piper and Leo were always separated. It was so hard for them in the beginning. They deserve some happiness. I feel so badly for her.
    I’m a romance novel enthusiast and hate how soap operas make the happily ever after twisted and non existent.
    I want a happy ending boring as it may be…

  7. I vote happy ending too.

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