A Big Day

Army life settled considerably over the next few weeks. Arriving back at the Barracks Orion officially earned him self a reprimand for heading off up the mountains alone, however secretly everyone had been for a second time very impressed with the young mans courage and skill. It didn’t seem to bother him though; he was far too interested in his newborn daughter who was born shortly before his arrival home.

Both Deonte and Forrest received promotions for their work during the final days, Deonte for his help organizing the troops and searching for those that had shot Princess Holly, and Forrest for his help up in the mountains, because as much as people thought that Forrest’s and Orion’s excursion had been fool hardy, Forrest at least could say he was just following orders.

For Forrest it was the promotion he’d been waiting for, to that of Officer, though still below Orion in the ranking he was now entitled the officer home he’d been working for so desperately and more importantly the freedom to move out of the barracks to an estate of his choosing.

He and Taye wasted no time in making wedding preparation, it was to be a simple affair in the local chapel, with only their closest friends and family, but not the day was upon her nerves began to get at Taye.

Her wedding to Albert had been a formality, only her mother had attended the ceremony, it had been short simple and to the point serving only to stop gossips who might think badly of a young girl living in the old mans home. Today Taye felt as though she was really getting married, ready to start a family her, Forrest and young neo. Everything had to be perfect.

She’d saved a little money over the last few months and had a gown specially made for the occasion, it wasn’t fancy by the standards of noblewomen’s wedding gowns and it was semi practical so she could use it again after the event and she had flowers for her hair which her mother sat painstakingly plating into the crown of her head.

Outside she could hear the girls squealing with glee, she’d gotten her sisters eldest daughters to be flower girls and they where so excited they had most of the house in an uproar. Both of Taye’s sisters had married loving men but neither had much in the way of luxuries and fought to fed off the cold and starvation most years, so the chance to dress up in pretty dress’s and parade around like princess’s was a big deal for the little girls.

Taye realised then how lucky she was Forrest was an officer now and she would never have to know the hardship of her sisters, her children would grown up fed, clothed and loved.

Just then her mother broke her thoughts ” have you told him yet love?” Clara asked.

Tayes heart sank, “Not yet, I tried to yesterday but I just didn’t know how, but you said he wouldn’t mind. Do you really think it will be ok?”.

“I’m sure he won’t mind” Clara reassured her ” Still best to tell him before tonight though, It will be better for you both if he knows”

“I know, I’m really nervous” she admitted “but I just don’t know how to tell him, I’m scared he’ll think there’s something wrong with me”.

Clara shook her head exasperated ” Good Lord girl you’re a virgin not a witch, do you want me to get Deonte to tell him”

“No” Taye squealed, ” I don’t want my brother knowing”.

Clara chuckled “Ok then, would you like me to tell him?”

“No, it’s alright…. ” Taye replied ” you know… maybe I don’t need to mention it at all… ”

Clara frowned ” it’s up to you love, but I think the whole affair might be easier for you if you both know the situation”.

“You where the one who said it wasn’t difficult” Taye replied.

“Well it’s not, but it still takes a little practice before you get it right”

Taye took a deep breath straightening in her chair ” No it will be fine, today’s going to be perfect… I’m not going to worry about it. Whatever happens tonight happens I’ll manage, girls get though their first times everyday without having to have long complicated conversations before hand”

Clara nodded “ok then, lets get your dress on its almost time”.

3 responses to “A Big Day

  1. Yay they’re finally getting married!

  2. Thats nice

  3. Oh and Tayes finally gonna get some. Bow chicka bow bow ;)

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