A Step Too Far

Christopher entered he gloom of the house, just the moonlight from the windows penetrated the darkness, he watched as Muirean struggled drunkenly to light one of the small oil lamps, eventually he took it off her “give that here” he said ” before you burn the place down” lighting it himself he smiled “that’s better”.

Muirean smiled, “are you going to kiss me now” she whispered.

Christopher chuckled, ” Im just here to make sure you get to bed” he replied, not really sure why he’d taken up her offer to come into the house, knowing full well he shouldn’t be there.

“Come on then” she grinned, taking hold of his had she headed towards the stairs.

Christopher felt a wave of guilt as he passed his mothers room. “Im just making sure she’s ok” he told himself.

Reaching her bedroom he left her to go inside alone, heading instead back towards the stairs. “What are you doing?” she called, “I thought you where making sure I got to bed?”.

“I’m getting you some water” he replied, heading down to the kitchen, he poured a cup of water from the larder and headed back up the stairs, reaching the bedroom he found she’d managed to get out of her dress and was now lying in her bed wearing her nightgown. ” Here” he said passing her the cup of water, “drink this or you’ll feel terrible in the morning”.

She received the cup taking a sip, ” thank you” she replied ” do you not like me at all?” she asked.

“I like you very much” he admitted ” but my mother would kill us both if anything where to ever come of it, so I think its best not to start anything, besides Im betrothed and I wouldn’t want to hurt you”.

“Don’t you worry about Brittany?”

“Not really, she knows where she stands, Im a meal ticket for now nothing more”

“Don’t you think I could handle it?”

Christopher smiled “You deserve better” he said standing, ” Your in bed, your safe, Im going to leave you to get some sleep”

“Please stay” she begged ” just for a while”.

” I can’t” he replied heading towards the door he froze as he reached for the door handle. “Mother” he whispered, and sure enough as Muireann listened she could hear the front door click closed.

Christopher searched the room, frantically looking for somewhere to hide, and eventually dived under the bed. A few tense moments passed and the pair breathed a sigh of relief as they heard Lynette retire to her own bedroom, without looking in on Muireann.

“I should definitely go now” he said.

Muireann shook her head “No you can’t!!! She always reads a book before bed, she’ll hear you, best to stay a while”. Christopher nodded settling down on the edge of the bed.

Muireann shuffled up behind him wrapping her arms around his chest ” did you mean it about liking me?” she asked.

“Yes” Christopher sighed ” but I can’t afford to have meaningful relationships right now, I’m not doing what my father did, Im going to marry a noble woman, so i can’t afford to be emotionally involved”

“you mean you can’t risk falling in love with me”.

“Exactly” he replied determined “I think to much of you to mess you around ” a few tense minutes passed and Muireann kept her arms wrapped around Christopher’s chest, he didn’t resist but Muireann could sense his discomfort. Nervously she shifted her weight, bringing herself around to his side she kissed the cloth of his shirt, he looked down at her “Don’t” he whispered.

Ignoring him she kissed him again, this time on the cheek her hand moving to his belt she undid his buckle, slipping her hand inside.

“Don’t” he said again ” you’ll regret this in the morning” but even as he said it he found himself returning the kisses, and lying her down on the bed, within a few heated minutes Christopher found he’d lost most of his clothing.

Slipping his hand up underneath her nightgown she suddenly froze ” stop” she whispered her voice panicked ” I can’t do this” she whispered.

Christopher stopped; staring at her he nodded removing his hand he started to sit. “You’re right, we shouldn’t be doing this, we’ve both had far too much to drink and this is just a bad idea”.

“I’m sorry” she apologized, “Im being silly”

Christopher smiled ” don’t worry” he said looking towards the door ” do you think its safe yet?” he asked reaching for his shirt.

Muireann shrugged “Im not sure” she replied “can we try again?”

“Try what again?” Christopher asked, in response to his question Muireann grabbed the shirt he was pulling on and kissed him again, he didn’t answer but his response was clear as they previous activities resumed.

This time, things progressed much further, they where both naked and heavy foreplay had begun before Muireann panicked again and whispered ” stop… please stop”.

For a moment Christopher ignored her call to halt, continuing the activity in which he was involved and enjoying greatly, however she got more insistent and when she finally began to forcefully push him, he stopped and looked at her eye’s filling with tears “Are you ok?” he asked with a sigh “Aren’t you enjoying it?”

Muireann shook her head ” Im sorry” she sobbed.

“It’s ok” he replied with a sigh and pulled back, they sat in silence for a moment he smiled “I really should go” he said kissing her lightly on the cheek.

“I really do want this” she replied tearily.

Christopher nodded, “it’s ok, don’t worry about it”.

“Don’t you want to stay? We can try again, I promise it will be better”.

“No Muireann” Christopher replied “I like you… really I like you alot, but this is a big deal to you… and … It can’t be to me…..So I think its best we just don’t”.
“Ever?” she asked,

Christopher nodded “You’ll find someone who can go though all this with you…but it can’t be me.. im sorry” he said standing and reaching for his pants
However just as he did the door swung open and Lynette stood in the doorway looking very unimpressed. “What is going on here??” she demanded.





4 responses to “A Step Too Far

  1. Busted. I bet she’s not too happy, they’re both still naked too aren’t they? Although she probably has a blanket, can’t say the same for him. Wonder how she’s going to react.

  2. courtney(stinksapsgreen)

    Whoops. You shoulda left Christopher.

  3. Busted is right! Oooh weeeee.. he’s in sooo much trouble. Mama’s gonna knock him out lol.
    Muireaan is sucha tease. She should have just let him go already. What a spaz.
    She’s trying to be his “mistress” and can’t even do that. Oh lord what a nut.

  4. Haha thats funny, its just a shame they havne;t invented shot guns yet i can just see Christopher leaping out of the bedroom window desperatly trying tp put his pants on with buck shot flying after him hehe…looks like his mom will have to be happy with a broom and belt him over the head as he runs instead!

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