Waiting For Daybreak

Bellari focused her energy exploring Alistair’s body for the cause of his condition. Allowing her thoughts to become one with the ebb and flow of his life within his body.

Surprisingly life did reside within him though his body was essentially a corpse his blood buzzed with life and a will of its own, his heart no-longer pumped but the flow was of blood was strong, the power within It intoxicating to the young woman’s senses.

She found many reasons why the young prince would be dead, but as she travelled his system she found herself unable to heal any of them, the blood fighting her efforts reverting any work she did back to the state it was before she started.

Eventually the Bellari broke the link she’d formed with the Alistair, bringing her mind back into the present, she stumbled and lurched she felt intoxicated, and drawn back to the blood, a desire she couldn’t explain she wanted it…. she wanted it so much.

Looking up she found herself in Alistair’s arms “are you ok?” he asked concerned.

Correcting herself she pulled herself back to her feet, ” the blood… its so strong” she mumbled.

“But you can fix me?” Alistair begged, his voice twinged with panic.

“Im not sure” she mumbled ” its so strong, it….. It doesn’t want to be fixed.”

“You must try” Alistair insisted, “please, I need…. I need to be normal”.

Bellari nodded ” I’ll try again” she whisphered, stumbling towards the sink ” just let me catch my breath” As Bellari pumped the handle on the water pump, Alistair watched impatiently, “ok Im ready please sit” she said finally.

Alistair sat at on of the tavern tables, Bellari settling beside him. Placing her hands on his chest she felt panic rising within her, last time had been quite scary taking a deep breath she delved into the young princes body for a second time.

This time the blood fought her, it seemed almost sentient it fought her; she could feel its rage building trying to drive her off. Her journeys into the human body had always been surreal experience fixing people had always been like sewing a gigantic tapestry, healing wounds like adding patches and sewing tears.

This was very different, it like nothing she could explain, she felt like a sole invader on a battle field surrounded by enemy being attacked from every angle, it difficult to hold her concentration every time she guided her vision to a location the image shifted and warped, her head pounding screaming at her to leave she felt confused and disorientated.

Suddenly she flew back from Alistair’s body, falling to the floor her head hit the cold hard surface, shaking the visions from her mind she tried to pick herself up, but the room span violently and her head felt like lead, with double vision she Alistair kneeling over her ” are you ok?” he asked, picking her up he tried to help her stand but her legs would not hold her.

“I can’t do it” she mumbled.

“You must” he replied, helping her towards the sink ” have another drink” he offered “then we’ll try again”.

Bellari grabbed the sides of the sink ” I can’t” she whispered, ” I can’t help you, Im sorry”.

“You must” he urged.

“Im sorry, your highness. I …. can’t do it”.


“You must” he urged again, this time he grabbed her shouldered spinning her around

“Im sorry” she whimpered ” I can’t… you hurting me” she begged as he shook her.

“Fix me!!!” he demanded ” I NEED IT” he growled.

“Please…. Alistair, your hurting me” she begged weakly as she fought back against his strength.

He gripped her arms, shaking her violently. “Say YOU’LL FIX ME!!!!!!” he demanded a feral look in his eye’s he shook and shook till hear Bellari’s teeth chattering inside her head, no longer able to form words only able to manage a faint gurgling noise.

More and more her shook…. harder and harder … until eventually there was a snapping sound and her head fell limply, Alistair continued to shake unable to comprehend what had happened, only bought around when there was a piercing scream.

Alistair stopped suddenly, looking towards the door, Bellari’s young daughter Asha stood in the doorway staring, he looked back towards Bellari, her head lolling to one side, her eyes wide the life literally shook out of her.


Alistair froze and Asha screamed again, there was a noise from upstairs, panicked he let Bellari fall to the floor, giving her one last look he fled from the tavern.


He ran, ran harder than he’d every ran before… back to the sanctity of the mountains, the light of the sun just peaking over the mountain tops.

He was about Halfway across the last fields on the Hamdun estate and fell you his knee’s, what had he done?? He killed her… you young woman he’d gone to for help… she was dead.. dead by his own hands. He didn’t deserve life… or death what ever this was … this existence… he didn’t deserve Kaitlyn, his children.

Looking up the light of the sun was getting brighter, the glare now hurt his eyes… but he didn’t move perhaps he should just let it take him. Perhaps it would be for the best no-one else would get hurt…. lying down in the grass he closed his eye’s waiting for what seemed like an age he could feel his skin starting to gently prickle as the warmth of the suns first rays hit him, prepared he waited for death.

“It’s time to go, young prince” a voice said suddenly.

Alistair opened his eyes; a young woman stood before him, a woman he didn’t recognise. “Go away” he growled angrily ” this is none of her concern”.


“Come with me” the voice, commanded, Before Alistair had time to tell the young woman to go away again he found himself on his feet before her. ” That’s better” she smiled her voice gentle and melodic “lets go”

Alistair began to protest but found his feet following the young woman, “who are you?”

She smiled coyly “Im siren, let’s get out of the sun and I’ll explain everything”.

“Explain now!!!” he demanded.

The young woman smiled ” you have a strong will, young prince not many can speak to me in such a tone… that’s good it will serve you well”.

“It doesn’t serve me well at all” he protested ” leave me please” he begged. ” I don’t deserve… to live… I don’t deserve… what ever I am”.

Siren turned, her flame red hair glimmering as the first rays of the sun “shush now” she commanded, walking boldly towards the prince, he wanted to back off but his feet did not respond intoxicated, her face arriving mere inches from his,” We all do things we regret, in the first years” she whispered, her eyes staring deeply into his ” but you’ll learn… soon enough”

“What?? what will I learn?? He asked.

Siren closed her eyes like she was remembering sometime wonderful her eye’s closed, Alistair studied her face. She was pale, unnaturally so tiny freckles adorned her nose. ” You’ll learn control and eventually to embrace what you are… its not so bad really”.

“I don’t want to kill….” he mumbled.

Her eye’s still closed she pushed herself against him, her nose gently brushing his cheek “you don’t have” she whispered, ” there are other ways to exist”. Suddenly her eye’s flicked open “come now, its time to go”


“No please” Alistair protested, finding his feet following her again “I can’t go, im not safe”

Siren grinned, grabbing hold of his hand she continued to pull him towards the mountains ” none of us are” she giggled ” Do you feel like there is a monster inside you just waiting to get out, do feel like if you where to give into it, you’d kill and kill and never stop??”

Alistair nodded whole heartedly “yes that’s exactly”


She smiled again ” that’s normal, don’t worry…. soon enough you’ll control it rather than it controlling you… harness it… its there … its always there.. But that’s the nature of the beast.. it makes us strong you just need to learn to make it work for you not against you”.

“How?? how do I learn?”

“I’ll teach you…. now hurry before I have naught but a pile of ash to teach”.

5 responses to “Waiting For Daybreak

  1. courtney(stinksapsgreen)

    Is she really dead?!

  2. Aww, Bellari’s dead. I really liked her too. I wasn’t really expecting her to die, although I didn’t except it to be so easy to heal him I didn’t think she would die. Was it the death calculator?

    Interesting turn of events here however. Still though, makes me sad.

  3. awww I loved bellari. :(

  4. Bellari!! No…oh no… :(

  5. Ooooo whos the girl?

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