Pleading for Help

Fransis was not the only person to head out of the mountains back towards Grimstead in search of Bellari. Alistair also headed towards the Hamdun estate with great haste. Things where more dire for the young man than he’d even told Tarik, as he’d discovered that morning.

Last night he’d snuck out and back to his fathers castle in search of Kaitlyn, he’d not found her and the rage had built up inside him so greatly he’d destroyed the quarters they’d once shared together and had killed and fed upon two of the guards, lost in his fury he’d returned to the mountains far later than usual just as dawn had approached.

In fact the sun had just started to rise as he got into the foot hills, at first the sun had just glared him and burnt his skin giving him a deep sunburn, but as the sun rose and got brighter the burns go more sever until eventually the skin and flesh on his body had begun to peel and hiss revealing the bone beneath.

By the time he’d finally reached the comfort of the shadows in the basement of Darkfire castle there had been little left of him recognizable his body held together by small ribbons of flesh upon charcoaled bone he made it but barely and thought the wounds would surely put an end to his misery.

However as the day had gone on, fuelled by the blood he had taken from the castle guards his body regenerated and by mid morning he looked as though nothing had happened, however the hunger had returned.

As the light of day dimmed Alistair donned a heavy woolen cloak to protect him from the remaining light, Fransis wouldn’t leave till the morning … a day there.. a day back… no Alistair didn’t have time to wait he needed to see Bellari tonight.

Heading out of the castle Alistair took the quick way down the mountains, jumping straight off a large cliff, his body hit the floor with a crunch and a snap. However as he had learned on his many jaunts to the castle he was quickly able to pick himself up and heal the damage. Heading as quickly as he could he traveled towards Hamdun village, it was further than the castle so there was no time to waste it he was to make it before daybreak.

Alistair finally reached the tavern a few hours before dawn, if this didn’t work there would be no time to return… but it was going to work it had too. Sneaking inside Alistair crept as quietly as he could up to the second floor, checking each room as he went he finally located Falcons and Bellari’s room.


Gently he shook Bellari awake, she stirred and opened her eyes trying to make out who visited her in the middle of the night, reaching out she turned up the lamp, allowing a dim light to floor the room, her eye’s widened immediately recognizing the dead prince as let out a small squeal, but Alistair quickly covered her mouth ” I won’t hurt you” he whispered ” come I need your help”.


Eye’s still wide Bellari nodded and climbed from the bed, she was accustom to seeing the unusual, and even accustom to seeing the dead, but never before had see she seen the dead walk.

Alistair guided her down stairs to the kitchen where he finally released her mouth, she stood quietly awe struck “what happened?” she asked.


The pair talked for about 5 minutes, Alistair explained about Risa and Vasyl, about Kaitlyn and as Bellari took every thing in Alistair concluded ” that’s why I came, I need your help…. im dead… I don’t want to be… please can you fix me?” he pleaded with a desperate look in his eyes.

Bellari shook her head ” I don’t know” she answered honestly, “I can’t say I’ve have many corpses ask me that before”.


“Will you try??” he begged ” I just want to be normal, go to my Kaitlyn… please I feel like a have a daemon inside me screaming to get out”.

“Yes of course” she answered “of course I’ll try” placing her hands on head and chest she looked to her gift.

4 responses to “Pleading for Help

  1. courtney(stinksapsgreen)

    I sense something bad is going to happen

  2. More than likely, but I’m going to hope for the best. And I really like to see Alistair’s reaction when he’s normal to everything his father did while he was gone, or dead I guess you could say.

  3. courtney(stinksapsgreen)

    How will they react though, if he suddenly turns up alive? LOL Hello, I’m not really dead! They might think he’s the devil incarnate.

  4. I hope that he becomes human again, finds out where Kaitlyn is and swoops down and takes her back home, and live happily ever after…. but I don’t think that’s going to happen lol.

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