The simple ceremony had gone off without a hitch, Hayden and Ailth had been joined and the celebrations had begun. Lynette had laid out a simple spread of food in the in the tavern and while most of the party was in full swing inside the small building Christopher sat outside alone.

Most small merchant weddings like this didn’t enjoy the company of nobility, and while Christopher enjoyed the festivity he didn’t want to take away from the brides big day.

mulling over the events of the last few years it was clear to see now how different his mothers life was now she was not nobility, but watching her though the window hitching up her skirt and dancing to folk songs belted out by and old man with a small lute Christopher realized he’d never known her happier.

Smiling to himself he turned his attention back to his tankard of ale, taking a sip he relaxed in on the bench and looked up at the stars.

A few moments later the door to the tavern swung open and Muirean staggered out, holding two large mugs. Christopher watched as she sloshed half their contents over herself before settling next to him. “I’ve been looking for you” she grinned.

“Really” Christopher smiled, ” you found me, and far two much ale as well by the state of you”.

“sim not drunk” she replied defensively, “a tad tipsy perhaps, but not drunk. Besides i bought you one” she replied holding out one of the mugs.

Christopher reached for it, but just before his hand reached it she withdrew it quickly splashing more of the dark liquid onto herself “im not sure i want to give it to you now though” she laughed ” you called me drunk”.

Christopher smiled ” hows your sister doing?” he asked prying one of the mugs from her hand.

“Hey” Muirean protested.

“It’s for your own good” he laughed ” Is she enjoying herself?”

Muirean nodded” i think so, Hayden’s being a bit grabby, i think its scaring her a bit”.


“Grabby?” Christopher asked.

“You know, he keeps grabbing out at her, making rude suggestions”

“Arh” Christopher nodded ” he’s always been a bit of a halfwitt”

“Hey” Muireen protested ” why did you let him marry my sister?”


Christopher chuckled ” he’s not bad, pleasant enough fellow just a bit socially lacking, he’s be good to her i promise. He’s probably just had a bit too much to drink” he said looking down into the mug of brownish liquid he’d relived from Muirean” what’s this?”

“It’s your mothers mulled wine, it’s good i promise” Muirean replied taking a large mouthful of her remaining mug.

Christopher nodded taking a small sip, if he was truthful he’d already had quite enough to drink himself, he wasn’t drunk yet but the effects of the ales he drank could certainly be felt.

“Hmm ” he agreed, watching Muirean knocking back her mug. “Seriously though i think you’ve had enough” he said smiling, “you’ll need carrying home if you continue like that”.

Muirean grinned ” ill be ok” she replied, ” besides you’d carry me home if i needed it wouldn’t you?”

Christopher smiled “I wouldn’t trust me, if I were you, im far more likely to carry you to my bed”. Muirean’s eye’s widened, and even in the dim light outside the tavern her cheek glow brightly red “Sorry” he apologised ” i shouldn’t have said that”.

“its ok” she whispered nervously, staggering to a standing position she put her face to the glass, to watch her sister nervously dancing, with her new husband ” do you think i’ll ever be like that?” she asked.

Standing to join her Christopher looked through the window, ” married?” he asked.

“No i mean… ” she said with a sigh “You know with a man?”


“Well your sisters hardly with him?” he said staring though the window, ” they are just dancing” he replied with a cringe as he watch Aliths face drop as Hayden slid his hands down past her waist and grabbed her bum.

“Oh Lord” Muirean gasped ” do you really think she’ll be ok??”

Without thinking Christopher reached for Muirean’s shoulder, pulling her to him he draped his arm over her shoulder in what was supposed to be a comforting embrace.

However he soon realized Muirean didn’t find it so comforting as her whole body went rigid. “Sorry” he replied quickly letting go.

“It’s ok” Muirean replied sadly ” it’s silly, sometimes i think im never going to be normal” looking back though the window she watch her sister intently.

Christopher also watched, Ailth was holding up well, she looked terrified but despite Haydens drunken pass’s she remained solid, trying very hard to take the whole thing in her stride.

The pair watched the rest of the evening in silence and quickly the evening came to and end and it was time for the bride and groom to leave, having said their goodbyes inside the tavern they finally exited.

Ailth threw her arms around her sister in a tight embrace for a moment or two but eventually Hayden began to get impatient of the farewells and grabbed at Ailths shoulder to hurry the goodbye along.

“Your going to be ok” Muirean whispered Ailth nodded nervously tears tricking down her face as Hayden continued to tug on her arm, increasingly more forcefully.

Christopher smiled “Hayden can i have a quick word?”

Hayden looked unimpressed but let go of his wifes shoulder and followed Christopher around to the side of the tavern.

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