Second Impressions

Raeann stormed down the stairs having been sent running by Lar’s how dare he she thought, the minute she arrived at the bottom however she wished she hadn’t, Wolf Lar’s son was waiting grinning like a manic idiot.


“Evening” he beamed, Raeann grimaced, barely able to contain her anger or disgust she headed towards the water butt in the corner of the room, dipping a cup into it she took a long drink without saying a word.

“Do you want me to make you something to eat? he offered ” you didn’t eat much at dinner”.

Raeann’s stomach somersaulted at the thought of that disgusting meal “No thank you” she replied ” I just came for a drink”.


Wolf nodded ” I can make ye some Tea if ya’d like, or I have milk if you’d rather”.

Raeann glared, “No, im fine” she grumbled.

There was a long pause, and Raeann took a moment to look around the small cabin, trying to work out where she could go to get out of the way of the grinning oaf in front of her, now Lar’s had taken over the bedroom.

“Ye don’t think much of us, do ya” Wolf commented.

Raeann glared towards him, ‘no she did not’ were the thoughts in her head however when her mouth open she managed to mumble ” I hardly know you” figuring that at least was a more civil response.

“Come sit down then” wolf offered,

“let’s talk and be getin to know one another”.


“I’d rather not” she replied harshly quickly correcting herself she reminded her self she was his guest even if she didn’t much approve of the accommodation ” I mean I’m tired, I’ll just wait here till your fathers finished talking with Kaitlyn, then go to bed”

“They could be awhile” he replied smiling, ” come on why don’t ya tell me about yer self”

“not much to tell” she replied sulkily.

“Me pa called ya a lady in waitin” he replied ” what ya waitin for?”

Raeann shook her head exasperated “im not waiting for anything its just a name” Not quite sure if he was joking or not, if it had been anyone else she’d have been very unimpressed by the attempt at humour but looking at the sincere look in the brutes eye’s she figured it was quite likely he was just too stupid to know.

“so what do ya do? are ye in service to Kaitlyn then?”

“Yes i suppose” she replied ” im a companion, its my job to make sure she has adequate companionship”

“Can she not be finding friends without have to pay one then?”

“I don’t get paid” Raeann snapped.

“Then why do it?”

“Because its a great honor to serve an important noble woman, when i took this charge Kaitlyn was bound to be queen someday” Raeanne replied highly irritated by his probing into what was quickly becoming a sore subject for Raeann.


“What about when she git’s married to me pa then?? what will happen to you then,do woodsmen’s wifes have these waiting lady’s??”

“Lady in Waiting” Raeann corrected harshly.

Wolf shrugged”I can’t be seeing need for ya then just another mouth to feed by my reckonin, do ya do chores or just keep her company?”.

“I help dress her and occasionally help with the children when the nanny’s not around” Raeann snapped ” but if you mean to i cook and scrub floors then No!! I most certainly do not. Mostly im there just to keep her company and No I don’t know what will happen to me when she gets married” Tears forming around her eye’s Raeann tried to brush them away without Wolf noticing, the future worried the young girl highly, especially now with the uncertainty it now held.

“I didn’t mean to be upsettin you” Wolf said looking concerned ” I was just wondering if you’d be looking to find yerself a husband, or if you chose to be a companion because you weren’t fancying yer self getin married”.

“Well im not sure what concern that is of yours” Raeann scolded, “and before you get any foolish notions. No im not interested in you”.

Wolf looked shocked for a moment but quickly recovered “I was just askin, tryin to learn abouts ya thats all seein as were sharin a house”.

“Yes im sure you where” Raeann spat obviously unconvinced “well what ever you where thinking, don’t!!!” she said turning to leave.

Wolf looked offended, catching her arm as she tried to storm off he spun her around ” fer yer information, ya could do alot worse than me” he said pulling her close too him “I know’s yer thinkin yer better than me, but let me be tellin ya missy, rite now yer one step away from been me pa’s servin staff”


Raeann struggled, as he held her tightly beneath the arm unable to get away. “Bah” he said letting go after several uncomfortable minutes “Go!! im tired of wastin ma time with ya… yer Pa probabally palmed ya off on poor Kaitlyn, cause he knew no man would have bar of ya”

4 responses to “Second Impressions

  1. I know that Lars and Wolf are being extremely nice to the girls, but for some reason, I don’t like them. Maybe because it’s 8 am and I’m pretty bitter when I just wake up lol.

  2. lol it’s 8am here too and I’m not particularly fond of them either. I think it’s cause Iwant kait to be with Alistair and no hulking brute. She went so quickly from becoming a queen to being what I feel is less then a peasants wife… :/

  3. Hehe i like them rough and ready true norse warriors, and what i find funny is its quite possible they outrank both the girls fathers since we don’t know if they are sons of kings or what :)

  4. I like them but I don’t like the situation much. They didn’t have any say at all in the matter. And it would be funny if they outranked them both. :)

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